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Jenny Kirk game 5

Posted by devo on October 2, 2009

Australian Junior Women defeated New Zealand 25-14, 25-13, 25-18 in the final match of the Trans-Tasman Jenny Kirk Trophy to take the series 3-2.

It’s only the second time in 10 years that Australia have won. But it was a convincing win in this final match.

Watch the match on Oz-Volleyball ~ match report

5 Responses to “Jenny Kirk game 5”

  1. Another Volleyball Mum said

    Congratulations! It was great to be able to watch the game live, via the internet.

  2. Big hand to Robbo and Sketch who set it up and commentated (did i miss anyone out??)

    fantastic to be able to watch the game live!

    how on earth have we only won this thing twice in 10 yrs???

  3. steveias said

    Age difference b/w the AUS & NZ teams might be something to look into when looking at results over the past 10 years hoy. Good that technology enables these games to be streamed isn’t it! Shame only 50 odd people turn out to see it live of which 30 were AUS parents. Need to improve if Australians want and desire more International Volleyball matches to be played in Australia in the future – I’ve seen 50 at a social vball game!

  4. i heard there were good crowds out at some of the other matches they played. There was one out in the country i think that had a good turn out. play them more out in the country i reckon!

    • Robbo said

      yeah you can always guarantee on getting great crowds out in the country.

      I think there were about 100-120 people on Friday night.

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