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Jenny Kirk Match 4

Posted by Hugh Nguyen on October 1, 2009

Australian Junior Women lost their 4th match against New Zealand in the Trans-Tasman Jenny Kirk Trophy.

Scores:  25-27, 23-25, 25-21, 25-17, 13-15

Series tied 2-2

5 Responses to “Jenny Kirk Match 4”

  1. Another Volleyball Mum said

    From the results looks like it was a nailbiter. Great to have set by set results.

  2. They’ve done a good job promoting this, and the girls have been plaing in front of good crowds (200 or so today up at Upwey according to a parent). Great on the parents of most of the players who have come out to support the girls!

  3. Robbo said

    puts it nicely at 2-2 heading in to the final match at the State Volleyball Centre tomorrow night. Hopefully we can get a good crowd down there!

    And for those who can’t make it, it will be streamed live on the

  4. vic said

    hey hugh i was reading one of your blogs from last year about the mens avl and Shin Jin-Sik.

    you mentioned you had a copy of the game between korea and russia in the 2000 olympics. do you think you can upload it please?

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