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Shanghai Men’s Volleyball visit

Posted by devo on September 30, 2009

SHANG HAI Men’s Volleyball team, is in  Australia. They played UTS in Sydney last night.

My information says they play Sydney Cedars on Thursday.
Time:01/10/09, Thursday night at 7pm

Entry: donation of $5  for two.  A lucky draw winner gets a $100 volleyball with signatures.

10 Responses to “Shanghai Men’s Volleyball visit”

  1. keen spectator said

    What were the scores and how aout a match report.

  2. ScottL said

    Shanghai def. Cedars 3-0 (25-13, 25-15, 25-18) [All scores are approximate as the scoreboard was a white board with Chinese tally counting]

    It was a media frenzy (meaning one camera, one microphone and one tape recorder… which is more than volleyball normally gets in Australia) for, perhaps, the meeting of the best club teams from Australia and China.

    Cedars, sporting new, tight fitting jerseys, did not seem to be put off by the huge presence of the Chinese men in the pre-game battle of the eyes. The Chinese though seemed bothered by the fact that there were only four sets of eyes staring back. However, as warm up fast approached, more turned up, including Cedars’ setter Sebastian, right before then 10 minute whistle…
    The Shanghai warm up was a spectacle in itself. It was so controlled, so methodical (and quite bizarre at times) and was a direct contrast to the Cedars warm up of a bit of basketball and hitting a ball against a wall.

    Set 1:

    The first few points were much about feeling the other team out, trying to determine the others style of play, and both teams go point for point until 4-3 in the Asian persuasion. However, it was the very consistent passing that saw the Chinese rapidly jump up to a 10-4 lead. Cedars’ libero George seemed to have a fair amount of trouble following the different ball style of the Chinese matchball.

    Two consecutive kill blocks looked like the momentum might be swinging back in Cedars favour, but these feeling were quickly crushed by a ruthless and unrelenting set of Shanghai second man middle attacks, all finding the ground. They continued to score at about a 3-1 rate, to finish the set 25-13.

    Set 2:

    Cedars’ passing picked up in this set, but their communication on the serve let them down. The Shanghai men jumped out to a quick 5-1 lead with two aces. An early time out is called to try and rectify the problem. The timeout seems to work, as the Cedars win the next 3 points on attack.

    The Chinese setter created several one on one options, and combined with some effective, top-of-the-antenna hitting, are able to punish several point straight. This is countered however, by the awesome power of the miss-hit. Two points from two Cedars miss-hits seemed to have the Chinese defence confused. A huge one on one kill block to young Zhang fired up Cedars, who started to hit strongly and confidently again. However, there was not enough there to close the gap and the Chinese finish strongly 25-15.

    Set 3:

    Cedars, feeling refreshed after finishing strongly in the last set, come out looking for a bit of pay back. Their hitting picked up. Combo after combo was run, the “B + 1 metre” the most effective. Passing dropped for Shanghai, and the libero made the teams only service over-pass of the game, much to the displeasure of the Coach. It wasn’t long though before the Chinese caught on, and started using their extremely long arms for some very effective blocking. Stuff block after stuff block meant that Cedars weren’t able to get a decent attack away. This, combined with very strong counter attacks from the Chinese left the Cedars defence with a big job.

    It was not the defence in the end, which let Cedars down. 3 straight attack errors and 2 missed serves pretty much put a close on the match with Shanghai, who won the last set 25-18.

    A much better set from Cedars, but not enough to get them over the well-drilled, skilled and incredibly tall Shanghai team.

    A fourth “friendly” set was played for a 25-15 win to Shanghai. A very enjoyable match for a crowd of 50.

  3. Steve said

    Would be fair to say Cedars aren’t the best club team in Australia based on this report. The third paragraph makes me cringe and if this is how Australian volleyball is presented to the rest of the world … well I wouldn’t expect too many more touring teams.

    Contrast this to when the Chinese team visited Victoria earlier in the year.

    Very poor effort Cedars.

  4. Troy M said

    The team which was in Sydney has won the top Chinese league the last 6 years in a row and claims to have multiple national team members in the squad. Talking to a player who played against both Chinese teams (ie the one in Victoria earlier this year and the one in Sydney at the moment), the one which came to Sydney was a lot stronger. Also, not sure if the team which came to Melbourne made the local teams use the Chinese league ball for the game which felt like a hybrid beach/indoor ball and seemed to cause some problems for the passers when we played them earlier in the week.

  5. Steve said

    I wasn’t commenting on the score Troy.

    • Troy M said

      oops i misread – i thought you meant the report on the 3rd set not the 3rd paragraph of the report (which made me cringe also :P) if the report is an accurate reflection of warmup/punctuality of cedars then a fair call…

  6. ScottL said

    To be fair, the Cedars squad that played was understrength and had not trained in several weeks. There were several key players missing, key players which helped them become the best team in Australia.

    There were lots of issues with the ball at the match as well, and Troy’s description was pretty accurate. It was quite soft on the outside, and felt slightly heavier. It floated completely different to the way the new ball does.

    Considering the squad and the conditions, I think Cedars did a pretty good job again a very tough opponent.

    They are putting in a World Masters team too. Should be a good one to see.

    • Karl said

      “To be fair, the Cedars squad that played was understrength and had not trained in several weeks. There were several key players missing, key players which helped them become the best team in Australia.”

      I’m with Steve on this one. It does the credibility of volleyball in Australia no favours to host an international team (who you know are of top standard) and not have the foresight to keep training in the interests of putting up at least some competition.

      • Murph said

        And turn up on time…

        • Alan said

          And perhaps if they were training the “new tight fitting jerseys” may not have been so tight!

          Maybe the Cedars should have used Volleyball for a warm up and played the Chinese in Basketball!

          They may have got closer?

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