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Coaching course for teachers and school team coaches

Posted by devo on September 29, 2009

The AVF and VVI have organised a Level 1 coaching course specifically aimed at AVSC Teachers to be run at MSAC on Sunday 6th December. It is a great chance for coaches to gain an NCAS qualification before the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup tournament begins.

The course will cover all of the Level 1 material, but it is specifically designed for teachers and school team coaches about to coach at the AVSC.

Flyer & Information ~ Nomination Form

2 Responses to “Coaching course for teachers and school team coaches”

  1. Chiefnic said

    Hi All, I just got an enquiry from Hugh and thought i would also post his question and the response here in case anyone else wasn’t sure. Hugh asked “From the info i read, accreditation has to be done through VVI. is it possible for people from other states to take it and still get accredited?”

    Yes it is defiantly possible to attend the course, in fact i encourage coaches from other state to attend. VVI will be processing all of the paperwork and all nomination forms, General principle forms and logged coaching hours need to be submitted to VVI. Participants will be registered on their states coaching database.
    Hope that helps

    • philip said

      Hello, am philip andy, i want to ask if i can participate in the coaching course in your country because am in south africa, bbye and God bless.

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