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italy – best league in the world? – Part 2

Posted by markleb on September 28, 2009

I am of course biased, but I tend to think that coaches have the most balanced view of most situations given that are neither administrators nor players and yet are part of both the administration and the team.  The coach of Forli’ has posted an open letter to the Italian volleyball community.  The original is here.  I’ve posted the ‘google translate’ translation of it which as far as my limited Italian can tell, is surprisingly accurate (although I have no clue what the ‘omelette’ thing is about).

Hello I am Piero Molducci

and I wanted to make some considerations about the affair now has lasted 6 months.

Ever since we speak of judgments and legal quibbles I would shift the focus on other things as important and I ask myself some questions.

How is it that two days before the start of the championship has been communicated to a company that has to do the A2 when for months was permitted to make the A1?

How can anyone think the players and their families and the choices that each person has done?

How can trample the right of free choice of each one of us?

How is payout upset the lives of so many people?

What fault has the company of Forlì in this whole affair?

The answer is very simple and very complex factors at play here, unfortunately, come at least strange. Behind the front of the League and the Federation who had established the full right to Forli to participate in the championship of A1 is derived from the ruling of CONI or other factors?

No one objected or asked anything about that sentence that states a fact that the League and the Federation and the whole movement of Volleyball are unable to manage and determine where it is the intent and where the deficiencies are (many).

They all bowed our heads and thought only to save their position, (with what morality?)

And the top executives of sport Italian speaking of ethics, respect for rules, too much litigation where he was when his lawyers sanctioned by any company that Italian sport can behave ……….. ……. and in doing so created a dangerous precedent and morally (you define it)?

I finish my doing one simple fact: the thousand views omelettes without giving discomfort to those who do not understand the league to 15 teams, sometimes common sense paying more than anything else and intelligent people can repent for alternative unfortunately not.

2 Responses to “italy – best league in the world? – Part 2”

  1. Alexis said

    What’s not to understand about the omelette comment? Its obvious.

  2. nathan said

    I think they just announced that Yoga Forli is back in A1, and there will be 15 teams in A1 this year. Hopefully that’s the end of it….i guess there gonna hve to rewrite a new match schedule now!

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