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Poll result Asians

Posted by devo on September 27, 2009

While we wait for news as to when the Asian Men’s Championships will get underway, or if they will get underway, in storm damaged The Philippines, our readers have been very evenly split over how the Aussies will go.

  • About a third – 30%: we’ll play off for the gold medal
  • About a third – 32%: we’ll play off for the bronze medal
  • About a third – 37%: we won’t make the medal rounds more detail

With flights booked to European clubs, and coaches waiting for players to arrive, the bigger question could be whether Australia will have a team left to compete in a delayed Championship!

14 Responses to “Poll result Asians”

  1. voleij said

    i dont really think that enough people know that this is virtually a second string team and playing off for a gold medal will be highly unlikely. i as much as everyone would love that scenario but i seriously doubt it!!!

  2. lost said

    Voleij you are a fool, second string.. what a way to talk about the team, you are Un-Australian

    • voleij said

      do you even know what you are talking about. it certainly sounds like you are living up to your name lost!!! i just tell it how it is and i can tell you now that i know more about the national mens team than you think

  3. Murph said

    Second string Australian team defeated Lebanon 3:1 (25-20, 25-18, 17-25, 25-23)

    • voleij said

      dont get me wrong i wish the guys all the best but a first string state league team could beat lebanon also!!!!

      • Murph said

        Hahah I know where you’re coming from Voleij!

      • Aden Tutton said

        Having played in a first string State League side, I can assure you no first string State League team would come close to beating the Lebanese National Team they fielded in tonight’s game

        • Murph said

          I dunno Aden, Mt Lofty are pretty good!

          Glad everyone has got the hyperbole out of their system now…Australia are fielding a strong team with many starters but as devo posted a week ago, are missing a few names. It is a credit to the depth of the national ranks, and to the ‘first string’ players that are available, that we can take on Asia with confidence no matter what side we have.

          Great work on the result, Aden! How was the flooded stadium?

        • Player said

          I think its funny that you argue with Aden…how many times have you seen the Lebanese National Team play Murph?

  4. voleij said

    the aus team has a really easy pool except for korea who we traditionally have tough games against. i would like whoever “LOST” is to talk to me after the korea game. that game is make or break for them. there is no doubt that they will make it through the pool but from there im not so sure especially if they lose to korea. and if they do lose then their chances of playing for gold will be severely cut. believe me i am happy to be proven wrong cause every dog has his day but to win gold you need your day to be every single one. for example the last asians was nearly lost as the guys lost the chance to win it outright in the last game against china!!!!!

    • vballer said

      i think its really insulting to the players in the team calling them second string and very downgrading the way you talk about their win against Lebanon. A win is a win, whether it is against the top ranked team or the bottom ranked team..
      i don’t live in a fantasy world and am also not “lost”, the team might not be the best its been, but i think we need to get behind our boys rather than talk them down!!

      • voleij said

        ok vballer i dont really think you realise what you are saying. its not that i am not behind the guys. i hope they win this competition and i wish them all the best. but i am just being realistic about the situation by saying that it will be a long shot for them to be in the gold medal playoff. and obviously i dont live in a fantasy world cause if i did i wouldnt even be talking about this at all with you. talk to me after the competition mr. lost

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