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Because of devo

Posted by devo on September 24, 2009

Alexis Lebedew reports:

I’m running a conference at the moment, Symposium for the International Association of Computer Science in Sport I was talking to one of the presenters about a great presentation he gave on apportioning the relative contribution to performance of each player in a team sport.

He saw my surname and asked if I was related to Mark Lebedew. I said I was and asked where he knew Mark from. He replied and said that he played volleyball and knew me from Devo’s blog, where he was a regular reader but non-contributer (this is known as a ‘lurker’ in e-terminolgy).

I’m very used to being known because of my surname and my brother and father – but never before because of Devo!

It brought a smile to devo’s face Alexis.

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