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Aussie Junior Women

Posted by devo on September 22, 2009

jenny kirk posterThe New Zealand under 19 girls will arrive on Friday for the latest Trans-Tasman tournament playing for the  Jenny Kirk Trophy. Click the poster or the program link for all the details.

The Australian Junior Women’s Team:
2. Georgia Sverns (Vic), 4. Monique Stojanovic (Vic), 5. Nicole Laird (NSW), 6. Emma Mcewen (SA), 7. Shae Sloane (Vic), 8. Sophie Paine (Vic), 9. Jaimee-Lee Morrow (Vic), 10. Steph Collins (SA), 11. Jen Sadler (SA), 15. Ashley Gray (Vic), 16. Sarah Gould (SA), 17. Eliza Smith (Vic), 18. Mariafe Artacho (NSW)

Head Coach: Adam Maskell (SA), Assistant Coach: Gary Roberts (Vic), Manager: Simon Naismith (SA), Trainer: Bill McHoul (Vic)

New Zealand Team ~ Jenny Kirk Program 09

oz-volleyball tvAnd OZ-Volleyball is live streaming:

12 Responses to “Aussie Junior Women”

  1. SA Volleyball Mum said

    Congrats to all the girls on making the team! We will be there cheering you on very best of luck to you all.

  2. Sally B said

    I read with interest that all staff associated with this tour are male!

    Surely the AVF would have a policy in place that a female staff member would need to be available to tour with this team seeing that they are 15, 16 and 17 years old.

    Even the Manager is male. I have the greatest respect for Adam, Gary, Simon and Bill – so dont get me wrong here. However who do these girls turn to if they wish to discuss any personal matters that may arise when away from family…

    • SA Volleyball Mum said

      The girls have all been billeted ( which is absolutely brilliant)and I know of at least 3 families from SA are going. All the above mentioned men are in fact very good with the girls and they all know the families are going. At a recent event (in Brisbane)Adam had a training camp organised for a handful of the girls and the issue of no female adults came up.The organisers of the function made a few calls and a parent of one of the girls went with the athletes as a ” House Mum”. It was made very clear then that the girls would always have a “House mum” to turn to. I would have no hesitation in helping out in this situation and all the staff know this. The SASI staff have a close working relationship with the families and have no hesitation in talking to us if there is anything that needs discussing on a sporting level or otherwise. I also would like to say that most of the families of these girls know each other and try to attend the events. So trust me Sally, its fine, they are well looked after but thankyou for your concern.

      • Sally B said

        I guess my major concern “SA Volleyball Mum” and Bill Mc is raised when the girls travel overseas as well – No doubt the AVF will have this in hand and will look at this by way of a travelling female physio or Manager.

        I will continue to look at future team selections with interest.

        • they’d have to! Would have been one less thing to worry about when Jenny Becker was still involved.

          But i think the unique circumstances of this series with a big chunk of the athletes staying home, billeting, and parents going over, it’s not too much of an issue.

          As i asked in a post on the coaching blog, where have all the women in coaching gone? We need more Avril Wentworths, Pauline Mansers, Amanda Fieldings and Sally Bacons around the place!

  3. Bill McHoul said


    The girls are being billeted with the Victorian athletes so there will be a lot of mothers available to assist in the area you are suggesting plus Petrice Fatchen will be helping out when available but just isn’t able to sit on the bench as per the rules, as we can only list four officials.

  4. Alan said

    I am happy to see so many Victorians in the team,however is there a particular reason why there are no players from Queensland and W.A or did I miss something?

  5. Baron Von Marlon said

    I find it funny that katie bartoli is on the poster for the series but not in the team. Why is that?

    • Bill McHoul said

      Katie is too old for this age group as the Aus team is actually U18. This tour is in preparation for Asian Juniors in 2010.

  6. Big Ren said

    Good to see a couple of Billanook girls in there………. REPRESENTING!! Good luck Ash and Jaimee

  7. even more obscure, good to see a couple of girls from Willunga High School (Steph Collins, Sarah Gould) in there! Something in the water there!

    I think Jen has got to count as a WA product born and bred!

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