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Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on September 20, 2009

In front of great crowds, Volleyball SA conducted a fantastic grand finals day at Marion Sports and Leisure Centre.

LEAGUE: Norwood Bears d Mt Lofty 3/1
LEAGUE RESERVE: South Adelaide d USC Lion 3/1
DIVISION 1: Mt Lofty d Norwood 3/0

LEAGUE: USC Lion d Mt Lofty 3/0
LEAGUE RESERVE: USC Lion d Norwood 3/0
DIVISION 1: Mt Lofty d USC Lion 3/0

The Skip Cup (Champion Club) was won by Mt Lofty from USC Lion, South Adelaide and Norwood.

33 Responses to “South Australian STATE LEAGUE RESULTS”

  1. Murph said

    Beat me to it Eldo!

    It was a great day with some strong volleyball played.

    The Men’s league game had some big hitting early from Marcus Jones and Stu Maycock, but both didn’t get the distribution they needed from Hunyadi as the game went on. Nik West came alive late in the 3rd set and kept it going in the 4th. Trav Moran after ripping an ace to start the match made a number of service errors but hit strongly. In the end, Norwood was just too strong in the big game.

    In the Women’s league, Lion was WAY too good for Lofty. Lofty was clearly in a different mind set, making a number of errors and not putting the ball away from Maycock’s excellent setting. I really felt for them after they had a great season and things went against them in the end.

    In the Men’s Reserves, Lion again finished second, this year getting done by South Adelaide. Jake Nimmo and Craig Morrison were the stand outs for South. Not even a busted ankle from Nimmo (who had 13 kills to that stage) in the 4th set was enough to give the game back to Lion. Todd Rankin from Lion ended the game with 19 points to his name on the back of his MVP season.

    In the Women’s Reserves, Lion were too good for Norwood. Norwood came off a good win against a strong Mt Lofty team the week before, but were not good enough on the big day. Big hitting from Kodeng and Orchard was too much for Norwood to handle.

    I didn’t get to watch the Div 1 matches because I was working on the show court, but I hear both Mt Lofty teams performed excellently, as they have all year. Special mention should go to Nik West and the Norwood div 1 team. The team consisting entirely of Afghan men who have not played in a State League season before performed excellently and are hopefully the precursor to future years at state league.

    Great work to all coaches, players, support and staff for their work!!

  2. A great MC’ing job from Murph too covering all the games.

    I was taking Norwood’s stats for the League men’s final. I’d just have to disagree with Murph on Nik West’s performance as I thought he was consistently strong all game. In the first 2 sets he hit 6 kills and made only 1 error.

    The 2nd set was the Travis Moran show – 11 attack kills. Norwood’s setter Andy Hunter got the middles into the game with 6 kills between and the 4th set belonged to Sam White with 4 kills.

    Lofty seemed to make a lot more errors than usual with their serving and hitting. Norwood just too strong.

    A year ago, Norwood’s ambitions were to lift the standard of state league and i think they certainly did that, with this season having the 4 finals teams all on 10-6 at the end of the regular season.

    I think this has been one of the best standard league seasons i’ve seen for a while.

    • devo said

      I’ve always been a big fan of Mr Moran – watched from under 16’s – glad to see that he’s still killing balls. One of the gentlemen of the sport.

    • Murph said

      Well Huy…Does your stats sheet say that Nik got 2 big kills against Marcus Jones, using him once and hitting inside him the other. Following up with 2 blocks against Marcus that made his team lift BIG TiME, heading into the 20s? Just about everyone watching would have seen the lift those points gave his team. He won a lot of ball from the back row against a single block with high, long rolls, which won points, but didn’t really lift him or his team. At the stage I was talking about, he stopped being his ‘mechanical’ self and came alive.

      Well…That’s the way I called it anyway!!!

      • unfortunately stats are as effective in explaining moments like you described as binary code is capable of explaining poetry!

        There is no shortage of emotive interpretation in volleyball, but a lack of hard data.

        Nik certainly had some big moments like the ones you described. he clearly won the battle of the opposites against Marcus Jones (whose unique armswings makes him one of my favourite players to watch).

        There were some exceptional gentlemen of the game playing that day. Stu Maycock playing for Mt Lofty was a well-deserved league MVP.

        Some notables I spotted in the crowd: Glen Urbani watching with Harley Simpson. Dave Jones, Steve Tutton, Wally Lebedew and a short-haired Indra Reinpuu.

        It’s nice to see the legends come out on such a splendid day.

        • And Steve Benson. On crutches.

          • Murph said

            Mick Nelson was there to have a look around as well.

            I love watching Marcus play. I used the term ‘lead arm’ a tad too often in the call I’m sure, but it describes the arm swing quite well I think. His indirect battle with Andy Hunter is one born from unequivocal loathing from what I can tell. Did you see the emotion from the usually unflappable Andy Hunter when he shut Marcus out? Special!

            The middle strength of Buttsy and Jezza was close to being the difference in the final I think. Oehrli and Lowrie didn’t match the Norwood middles, but I think a lot of it comes from the strength of the setting of Hunter as well. He finds the middles with an ease I have not seen before.

            • “Lead arm” hahaha. i used to describe it as an “Ikea armswing” – beautiful in its pure functionality and simplicity. like a swinging door.

              Andy did get very fired up. he was intensity personified. Middles and how they perform are always the difference between a good team and a great team.

  3. El Diablo said

    Andy Hunter??? Doesn’t he live in Canberra? How did he qualify for South Australian State League finals? Pretty sure if I was religated to the bench for someone who flys back for finals I would be pretty annoyed! Ahhh the price of a League Men’s grand final 3 return tickets from Canberra….

    Hopefully Norwood got the tickets cheap?

    • Murph said

      He played a number of games (not sure how many…) but he would have either played the required amount of games, or was cleared by the clubs at the SOC. There was nothing ‘dodgy’ about this one, I’m afraid.

  4. fake name said

    If you can, why not? hmmm….. the best players playing in the states best league…..weird!

    • Murph said

      No different to Nathan Roberts, Aden Tutton and Andy Earl all coming back to play during the season…One would assume that if Nath played enough games and his team were in the final, he would have been more than just an interested on looker on Saturday.

      This really is a non-issue as far as I can tell!

  5. El Diablo said

    Sorry I wans’t more clear in my post. My quiery was directed at the fact he wasn’t sighted for more than 6 games! Not the 8 required to play finals!

  6. Tony said

    Were there any MVP awards for the finals? If not, any suggestions who would have won what?

    It’s great to see the results somewhere…

  7. Murph said

    There were no MVP awards for the finals.

    I only saw the semi last week for the men, and all the grannies on Saturday. But I’ll give it a go!

    Reserves Men: Nimmo (South) Morrison (South) Rankin (Lion)
    Reserves Women: Shippey or Orchard maybe? Not really sure, the lion team were just too good for Norwood
    League Men: Trav Moran (norwood) or Nik West (norwood) for me.
    League Women: Stacey Kloeden (Lion), followed by Liv Orchard (lion)

  8. Speech Observer said

    I note Devo how you refer to Travis as one of the “gentlemen of the sport”. I have a great deal of respect for him as a player, there is no denying his talent. I was however, along with other observers on the day, dismayed by his acceptance speech. To infer that the sole reason he and other senior players from Norwood came back to play state league to lift the “standard of the competition” and bring the other clubs up to their superior level I found both arrogant and generally wrong. If i were one of the senior players in the cometition (which i am not) i would be quite dissapointed that the standard created before these “superior” players came back, was belittled as being not much more that of a social volleyball standard as so was inferred.
    Its good to be gracious in defeat, but just as admiral to be humble in victory.

    • Murph said

      I have heard a few criticisms of that ilk ‘Speech Observer’…

      Sour grapes from the teams who didn’t win? I don’t think so, I think there is merit to the comments from the above poster.

    • devo said

      I wasn’t at the day, and so I have no intention of commenting on the content of the speech.

      I first met Trav when he was 15. He was playing for John Tiver’s SA under 16 team, and pounding balls into the Vic defence. I have met Trav many times since. He has always been willing to give me some time for a chat, and has been courteous to this old fart who wants to talk volleyball.

      I still consider him a gentleman.

  9. “Speech Observer”, I think what you inferred is a bit off. Out of everyone, i should have the sourest grapes since my club capitulated and couldn’t even field a men’s league game.

    What Travis meant is that they wanted to introduce a style of game that would make league volleyball more spectacular. Having players like Travis, Nik West, Andy Hunter, Marcus Jones, Johnny Byron etc all come back undoubtedly made state league better. We should be grateful that all these gentlemen gave up their time to play again after being a way for a while.

    Travis doesn’t need to give up his time to play and run a volleyball club. Andy Hunter doesn’t need to fly back and forth from Canberra to play after a great career in europe. These guys and the ones above gave up their time to make state league better and we should be grateful for it.

    State League DID get better. Last year Norwood dominated and didn’t drop a set in the finals series. This year all 4 finals teams on 10-6 after the regular season and Norwood losing the first game in 5 sets. Teams went out to knock Norwood off their perch: Lofty got Raoul Tuul back into the game; Wally Waniarcha came back to coach Lion.

    After seeing what Michael Brookens had done with Heidelberg when they played at SA Open, I’m sure they’ve made Vic State League better too with people trying to knock them off now.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Heidelberg v Norwood play off. Two teams with very inspired styles of play that are just a pleasure to watch.

    • Speech Observer said

      In reply I don’t believe you should have to re-word/interpret what Travis says for him.
      You can interpret what he said as you like, but in my opinion, and the opinion of a number of unimpressed people, they way he worded his speech, and the way you interpreted it were vastly different. Granted his point may have been exactly as you believe it was, but if so, he should have said it as such, and not left the impression with the masses that in his opinion Norwood were the only ones doing any good for volleyball in South Australia.
      I do agree, it is good to have these guys playing, but shouldn’t they want to play for the love of the game Hugh, not “Having” to give up their time as you stated.

      • Murph said

        Huy, do you really believe that Norwood Volleyball Club in seasons 2008 and 2009 was altruistic?

        • Steve said

          It is argued by many environmentalists that the best thing for the environment is if corporates can make profit from its protection. Their motivation may not be the same as the hard core greenies out there, but they are still contributing to the cause.

          Can the same logic apply here? If the outcome from these guys participating was an improved league then does it matter why they did it?

        • of course not murph, but i do honestly believe they wanted to do something more than just win more matches than they lost. And they did go about doing things differently in the way they played and trained. I think some of these guys honestly want to (and do) give back to the game

      • Speech Observer, do you agree that Norwood, with all these guys coming back and bringing their international experiences, lifted the standard of state league? Imagine how good state league would be if Aden Tutton and Nathan Roberts came back and played every week for Mt Lofty and USC Lion?

        Of course Norwood weren’t the only ones doing good things. If the standard lifted, and with a photo-finish season, it meant everyone else were doing some great things.

        If these guys just wanted to play “for the love of the game” they could have just played wednesday night social at Goodwood. To play State League and be president of a club is whole different level of motivation.

        You might not like what he said, but if we had more of our ex-international players coming back and getting involved with volleyball in australia like Trav does, we’d have a better sport.

        At the very least, if you and a lot of people in the crowd didn’t like what he said, i’m sure there’s now a lot more motivation to outplay norwood at some level. And that means Club volleyball just got better again!

  10. Norwood fan said

    Anecdotal reports of the game have included quite a few mentions of the middle players, particularly Jeremy Lehmann, and how instrumental they were for both sides. Disappointing that all written reports only mention the outside hitters! (And one setter).

    From all reports the blocking and middle hitting of Jeremy and Buttsy were incredible – and if memory serves correctly a middle won the last two points of the game. So congratulations boys!

    • Jeremy Lehman had the highest attack efficiency all game at 70%. He was absolutely awesome. Over the games i watched, Norwood’s setter (andy hunter), and their middles (Jez & Buttsy) were the most effective servers too.

      ON the other side, Sasha Oeliri was quite good too. Lofty did need another “tall”. They had Josh Lowrie (an outside), Patrick Rogers (a superhuman middle at about 6’1) sharing the role.

    • Murph said

      Could have sworn that I wrote that the middles were close to being the difference somewhere…

      A mention should go to Whitey too, he was very good.

  11. Jake Nimmo said

    Hey there. Didnt even know this site existed! Now just a quick question for the collective volleyball mind here. My moto has always been ” I wanna play the best volleyball i can”, Now the question is where do i go about this? Is it training and playing state league? Any feed back would be awsome! Thx.

    • Eldo said


      Contact your local state volleyball association via the Australian Volleyball Federation web site. (Right hand side of page)

      They can give you a name (s) of clubs in your state and area.

      You are correct. If you train you will get better. A club is the best place to do this.
      Also be aware of the local beach volleyball competitions as well. They will start in October right around Australia. (although the sydney beaches are red from the dust right now)

      Hope you find what you want.

      • Murph said

        I am confused…

        • very confused. didn’t you just give nimmo your vote for MVP somewhere above Murph?

          Is he taking the piss?

          • Murph said

            Yes…Yes I did…

            Unless NImmo desires to play AVL (reasonable goal, by the way), and that is what the question was…

            Its either funny for the piss taking, or funny for the monumental coincidence…Either way, to quote you, Huy “you’re probably here because you googled yourself”…

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