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AVF Media Awards

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on September 19, 2009

The AVF awards include a category for the best media of the year. To win this is not too hard as we certainly do not get too much, do we. I was just thinking because Devo wouldn’t do this. Did anybody / state nominate Devo’s site for the AVF Media award? It certainly should be nominated in my view.

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  1. Yorky said

    It should be a hands down winner!!!! Who in their right mind would select someone or something else??

  2. devo said

    {blushing} Thanks guys {/blushing}

  3. Murph said

    So…Just throwing it out there…

    Why didn’t the people who say ‘it should be nominated in my view’ nominate this site?

    In fact…What kind of crazy irony is going on here when no one really knew about the media award!?!

  4. devo said

    The award will go to, and should go to, someone from the “main stream” media. We need to encourage this news coverage so that our sport gets coverage in the real world.

  5. mainstream media is overrated. that “mainstream media” is more deserving for awards than “emerging madia” is a myth pushed by media interest groups whose revenues from advertising are dwindling.

    newspapers like the New York Times are struggling. Twitter changed the shape of Iran’s politics. Google bought Youtube (which doesn’t make money) for 3bn, which was only 1bn less that what disney paid for marvel comics last month. It’s the blogosphere that the “Great firewall of China” fears most.

    video streaming is now exposing people to volleyball more than ever. And this forum has certainly influenced volleyball more than any mainstream media has in my living memory (apart from when Kerri Pottharst and Nat Cook won gold in 2000)

    Mainstream media is dying. It is no longer giving people the value proposition it once did. they’re all desperately trying to reinvent themselves as sites like this are gaining the public’s interest. We’re not in the 20th century anymore.

    Why do we want to compete in the same media space with established sports. PBL and News LTD effectively OWN Rugby League. The “mainstream media” has too many commercial interests to see that volleyball can be worth its while. The blogosphere is the place to grow an upstart sport and win hearts and minds. Because this is the only place where the people most passionate about our sport can have a direct and intimate relationship with the public. and that wins people over and creates growth. Try to name a “mainstream medium” that has more regular contributions from our elite athletes, coaches and administrators than this site?

    Not so long ago issues in volleyball were only discussed in boardrooms and in whispers by the same handful of people. Now it’s out in the open. One of the things i constantly hear from parents who are new to volleyball is that this site has become one of their biggest resources in understanding the strange new sport their kids have chosen. Isn’t that what the media award should reward – a medium that educates, raises awareness and lifts the profile of volleyball in Australia?

    500,000+ hits can’t be wrong.

  6. oh, and one other thing.

    according to the stats, on about 22,000 occasions since Allan first published, people have found this site by googling combinations of the word “devo” in their search terms.

    The search terms people use on their way to accessing a site is important because it tells you how strong your “brand” is. on 22,000 occasions, the word “devo” was synonymous with volleyball, and people found this site because it was exactly what they were looking for.

  7. Steve said

    Man, I love agreeing with a post for a change!

    The next step (and this is entirely up to you Al given this is your website) is whether the site can be leveraged for the benefit of both Al and volleyball in general. Corporate co-sponsorships for example … this site has less rubbery figures than volleyball membership numbers, so as it grows could become attractive to advertisers. If there is a way to tie in that advertising with broader advertising of the sport it would be that win-win everyone on here is chasing in one way or another.

    Discussion board and article content here with advertising (that goes to Al), plus have links to streaming coverage of games where those same advertisers have courtside signage that goes to the AVF/host state/whoever is running the event (of which a fair cut also goes to Robbo and his crew for covering the games – technology costs, travel to games, fees to commentators, and of course a profit for Robbo).

    It is horizon type stuff right now I know, but this is the type of activity the sport needs to look at.

    • Eldo said

      Keep it as it is Devo.

      • devo said

        I’m not going anywhere Eldo

      • Steve said

        Not looking to get into a back and forth Eldo, but interested to know why you wouldn’t want this site used to generate money for Devo, Robbo and volleyball in general? The first two in my view are deserving of reward for their hard work, plus you have been one of the people arguing for change to bring greater revenue streams into volleyball.

        Definitely not suggesting you should go anywhere Al!

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