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Aussie Men’s Team for Asians

Posted by devo on September 17, 2009

vta smallVolleyball Australia has posted the team for the Asian Championships which begin on the 26th.

The team is most notable for who isn’t included. Volleyball Australia is reporting that … Paul Carroll, John Dekker,  Ben Hardy, Nathan Roberts and Igor Yudin … have made themselves unavailable for the national team for this tournament, due to club commitments in Europe.

Okay, it’s not an olympic qualifying year; our younger players will gain great expeience. For our senior players, the money they earn at their clubs enables them to stay in the sport. But as an Aussie fan, I’m peed off that we are not going all out to defend our Asian Championship. Or has VTAM conceded that a win was unlikely?

  • Shane Alexander (Qld)
  • Thomas Bawden (Vic)
  • Thomas Edgar (Qld)
  • David Ferguson (WA)
  • Andrew Grant (Qld)
  • Hamish Hingston (Tas)
  • Travis Passier (Qld)
  • Joshua Thorpe (Tas)
  • Aden Tutton (SA)
  • Adam White (Qld)
  • Matthew Young (Qld)
  • Aidan Zingel (NSW)
  • Head Coach Russell Borgeaud
  • Assistant Coach Andrew Strugnell

29 Responses to “Aussie Men’s Team for Asians”

  1. Player said

    Are you trying to say you think that this team cant win Asians?

  2. Graeme said

    Wheres John Dekker playing?

  3. markleb said

    I don’t think that the players were ‘available’ at all. The timing of Asians is particularly poor as it takes place after several of the leagues start. Tom Bawden will miss two matches for us, as well as the entire preseason. Our circumstances this year are that that is okay. But for other clubs, and for us in another year, it is not an option. Clubs cannot afford to have players missing part of the season.
    The Italian clubs where Nathan and Paul are playing will be fighting against relegation. Points won in the first two matches could be vital in the survival of the team. The team of Ben and Igor is playing Champions League which is important for sponsors and the overall budget of the team.
    The players can’t win here. To commit to Asians, there is a very real risk they would lose their contracts and their livelihood. This is a fact. Clubs simply sign another player who will be available.
    The only solution is to lobby for Asians to be played at another time.

    • Steve said

      Agree here. Are other Asian teams likely to weaker as well or do most of them play at home?

      I am actually in Manila the week after the tournament, so just miss out on watching unfortunately.

      • markleb said

        None of the other Asian teams have players playing in Europe. Therefore it is not hard to get agreement to play the tournament after the European season starts.
        But in fairness, the NORCECA tournament is creating just as many problems this season.

        • Murph said

          Doesn’t Japan have a couple of guys in Italy.

        • Sounds like we’re a bit like a square peg in a round hole in the Asian confederation.

          we’re like a country that wants to be european that is stuck in Asia.

          • Murph said

            Can we do a ‘football’ and when we get bored of our confederation just go into another one?

            • Alexis said

              That might be risky. The problem with Football was that Oceania didn’t get into the World Cup directly, whereas Asia did. In men’s volleyball I suspect Asia is actually a great place to be as it has a lot of political pull (ie: places available in top international events) and the added bonus of not being very strong at the world level.

            • markleb said

              In the 70’s (the bad days or good only days depending on who you are) there was a lobby to have Oceania recognised as a Confederation by FIVB in the same way that it is for basketball, complete with direct Olympic qualification. It was a fair way down the track with fully fledged Oceania championships etc but it was roughly the same time that the Asian Confederation was founded and all effort ended up going into that.
              I suspect Asia would love to be rid of us, but it would make zero sense for us.

  4. anon said

    ….but realistically this team should be to make the 3rd-4th playoff
    they wont win asians but it will be a good experiance for the younger players!

  5. Alexis said

    Opportunities for players are critical. One of my favourite books on coaching is Rick Charlesworth’s. He makes a comment along the lines of: “if you never give a player an opportunity you can never be surprised by them”. And while I’m on Hockey, the 2xGold medal winning women’s hockey team under Charlesworth only played their ‘strongest’ team 4 times in 8 years – 2 at Olympics and 2 at World Champs.

    • Murph said

      But on the same note, teams like Argentina, England and until recently Spain in the Football world spend 3.5 years tinkering with players, giving youngsters a go etc etc, then when the world cup comes around they were nowhere near the mark, despite having some of the world’s most talented players. Opportunities are critical, as is having good chemistry. In the team we are sending and the one we would take to Worlds next year, a positive is that our setters have been feeding Hardy and Carroll for years now, so that click shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

  6. sam said

    It’s unfortunate that the senior team will be missing some key players and their lot of experience but a small winning point is that tasmania now has some players in the national team!

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