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Beach Junior Worlds

Posted by devo on September 16, 2009

Beach FIVB_WCHSThe 2009 Beach Junior World Championships get underway today in England, and continue until the 20/09/2009. You can follow the boys here; the girls here. See also the aussie junior beach blog

The first Aussies on the court at  10:00am (7:00pm AEST) are Casey Grice and Ben Bell who will be up against O’Dea and Tuivai from New Zealand in a qualifying match. The other Aussie teams have qualified straight into the main draw.

Update: Qualification Round 1 ~ Grice-Bell AUS [9] lost to O’Dea-Tuivai NZL [8] 0-2 (18-21, 12-21) Unfortunately for Casey and Ben, that is the end of their championship.

AUS Australia is represented by:

  • Casey GRICE & Ben BELL
  • Chris MCHUGH & Luke SMITH

6 Responses to “Beach Junior Worlds”

  1. Chiefnic said

    Good Luck Ben and Casey.

    Side point it’s interesting to see Sam Tuivai playing Beach.

  2. Newb said

    Bad luck boys.

    Unlucky heading all the way over to England to play a team from just over the road!

  3. Murph said

    Huge and Luke are the 2nd seeds, bodes well!

    • mark said

      Murph don’t know what you’re talking about. They are seeded 17th. the seedings are a load of rubbish anyway as surely the Polish team seeded 8th in the same pool as chris/luke have got to be one of the top 2 teams with many main draw placings the last few years

      • Tooth Fairy said

        From what I was able to gather whilst in Turkey, the seedings are very arbitrary and tend to not be finalised until the morning when play commences, so it is easy to be misinformed as to the actual seedings until very late in proceedings. The country in which the tournament is held seem to get three spots in the main draw, including the #1 seed, and the other two teams are spread throughout the draw to avoid early matchups I think. This can help if you manage to get one of the home teams in your pool, because if the teams are not particularly strong (as was the case in Turkey) you can improve your point ratio to enhance your chance of getting through to the round of 16 if you came third in your pool. (Point ratio is the first determinant in case of equal W-L ratio.) I don’t know whether it has occurred in this tournament, but teams from the same country that are in the same pool must play their match on the first day of pool play to avoid an ‘managed’ result that helps both teams.

      • Murph said

        They were listed as 2nd seed on the original draw.

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