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Vic State League

Posted by devo on September 12, 2009

Honours Men Grandfinal
Heidelberg def Falcons (3-0) 25-17, 25-21, 25-21

Honours Women Grandfinal
Monash University def Yarra Ranges (3-0) 25-16, 25-19, 25-19

All results ~ watch the matches on oz-volleyball

67 Responses to “Vic State League”

  1. Robbo said

    Great work on the commentary guys! Sorry to all for the static noise which is there throughout the recording. There were some issues with the equipment hired, but we will hopefully be ironing out all these issues over the next few events.

  2. Dreamer said

    Does anyone know what happened to the MVP’s of the divisions

  3. Bubs said

    Hi, What a result for Volleyball Victoria…. Great crowd, great atmosphere..

    Lets bring on the 2010

  4. Concerned said


    As a board member of VVI ca you please answer Dreamer’s question above ???

    It was disgusting not have them !!!!!!!

  5. Anon said

    Does that mean that last year’s winners can still refer to themselves as MVP?

  6. Concerned said

    no sketch

  7. Anon said

    Worth a shot

  8. lol. you could just determine it by popular poll vote of Devo

  9. Concerned said


    There was more than one division in the competiton

  10. Matt said

    I thought the plan was to have all star 7 teams this year… what, you want me to have a go at it…well if you insist! But I can only do it for men’s honours as this is what I saw the most … maybe someone else could do the same for the other divisions. There were plenty of contenders but I’ve taken in to consideration that many players missed games or only played back court etc and as such most likely wouldn’t have polled as many votes as others. My apologies for spelling and not knowing some players’ last names:

    Jason Smale from Yarra (setter)
    Kevin from Eastside (libero)
    Steven Brooks from Falcons (outside)
    Cedric LeGrand from Heidelberg (outside/opposite)
    Michael Stevens from Yarra (opposite)
    Mat Coad from Heidelberg (middle)
    Jess Cameron Wootten from Falcons and Micah from Renegades (both very close for the final middle spot)

    Have a great post season around the country and hopefully we’ll all catch up at some tournaments!

  11. Bill McHoul said

    I’ll have a go at Women’s Honours All star 7

    Kat Chen from Eastside Hawks (Libero)
    Anne Roberts from Yarra Ranges (P/H) – also MVP
    Lisa Done nee Herron from Monash University (P/H or opp)
    Laura Simpson from Falcons (mid)
    Mary Dempster from Monash University (setter)
    Ciara from Renegades (mid)
    Shannon Campbell from Heidelberg(p/h)

    Anyone’s thoughts ???

  12. Liam Mackin said

    My allstar 7 from mens honours this year, NOTE: i couldnt think of a libero that i thought stood out.

    Will Lewis (SCF) (setter)
    Steven Brooks (Falcons) (outside)
    Luke Hill (Yarra) (outside/opposite)
    Mick Stevens(Yarra)(opposite)
    Mat Coad (Heidielberg) (middle)
    Mick (Renegades) (middle)

    • Dinosaur said

      Not having Cedric in your team Liam is just plain silly!

      The easy spots to pick are:

      Brooksy – Passer/Hitter
      Cedric – Passer/Hitter
      Coady – Middle

      The other spots are hard because:
      SETTER ???? Devo would get the nod but missed many games and struggled since breaking his hand….and George is obviously the best setter, but does not go front court, only playing half a game, so you can not pick either. The rest of the setters in the league are young and not quite ready, no good or both! But a pinch if I had to I would go Smale from Monbulk.

      2nd Middle ????? Monash’s 2 middles were OK, Jess from Falcons is probably the best blocker behind coady, but is still developing his attack. Probably give it to the Lefty from Monash.

      OPPOSITTE: Don’t start me! There are almost NO pure opposittes in this league. Dave Delaland showed in the final he could be, just needs to get fit again. Even Mick Stevens and Hill from Monbulk are more passer hitters. There were very few guys you had to put a big double up on when hitting backrows. But seeing Dave D was a bit inconsistent and out of shape it will go to the consistent Mick Stevens.

      Libero – Nothing jumps out at you here either? Give it to KEV from Eastside because he tries hard.

      If VV don’t do this and other awards and other professional things (Honours states for the league etc…) then the league will never move forward.

      • Steve said

        Tyler LeGrand was the MVP of the Grand Final from where I was sitting. Had the occasional brain fade but for the most part was fantastic. Didn’t see the rest of the season, but if no one else stood out as Libero during the season then he should get it.

        • Robbo said

          Tyler played most of the season as a pass hitter in Div 1. His serving ripped through teams there. I believe he only played the last 3-4 games of the season as Honours lib, plus finals.

        • Dinosaur said

          You must have been sitting in the bar K. He played well and was a positive factor for the team, I get your point that he did more than getting credit for yadayadayyada….but saying a Libero (one that shanked 3 serves outright)is MVP for a Final is very slly.

          MVP for the game was Coady by far.

          • Steve said

            I wish I had been in the bar, unfortunately it was closed!

            Coady had a huge game I agree and I have no problem with someone thinking he was the MVP. I also wouldn’t dismiss that opinion as “silly”, particularly when hiding behind a pseudonym. However, each to their own.

            I don’t think a libero should be automatically excluded from MVP considerations … while they do have a very specific focus on the court if they are successful then that should be given its due.

            He did shank a few passes, no question, but attacking players get shut out, hit the ball out, hit to waiting defenders, miss serves etc etc … does that mean they can’t be considered for MVP too??

            For the most part his passing was very good and he got a number of great ups that kept the pressure on Falcons and gave Heidelberg a number of extra attacks they wouldn’t have otherwise got.

            I stand by my choice!

            • PB said

              Just as an interesting side note here… the highest placed libero in the SA Best and Fairest came in 18th on 5 votes to the winners’ 25 votes and even then, only 2 libero’s in the league polled votes at all! A junior Aus team libero playing in a team who will be fighting to win the League Men Premiership this coming saturday never polled a single vote!
              It would appear that all the rule changes and ball changes to keep rallies going are only making the hitters who can’t finish a point stand out more because they get set more often per point!

  13. Dreamer said

    what about taleni from renegades as an opposite

    • Alan said

      Taleni is an excellent choice Dreamer although from what I have read all players selected are worthy of the accolade given.

      From a biased perspective the “Lefty from Monash” that Dinosaur refers to is Jon Morley who has followed on from last season as an excellent Middle Blocker and because of that left arm has been difficult to defend.He is also still young and learning his craft.

      I am also interested in an answer about why there was no MVP’s this season.Is it another change of format that simply never got communicated to the wider Volleyball Community?

    • Dinosaur said

      Taleni would be considered an attacking oppositte (who would need a big block) who could pound a back row, but….he played oppositte his other big hitting partner in crime as passer hitters for every game I saw.

  14. Chiefnic said

    Of course the other award that is missing is Junior state league player of the year.

    My Candidates that Jase and i talked about on Saturday were:
    Larone from Eastside
    Will Lewis- SCF
    John Van Noorden- SCF
    Luke Hill- Yarra

    with Luke being the clear winner in my book. Thoughts and other suggestions welcome

  15. Bubs said

    Sorry, been away from laptop for a little. Yes, I agree that we should have had an MVP for each division and an all star team announced with best coach….. i dont remember this being discussed on the board but I do remember it being discussed in a clubs delegates meeting with no clear outcome????

    any regards, i think it should always be part of end of year criteria… However only for Honours and Junior divisions in my opinion

    MVP – selected by referees
    All Star Team and Coach – Selected by coach’s


    • Concerned said

      Bubs there was a clear outcome from the delegates but not done by the VVI staff, don’t pass the buck back to the volunteers for why it didn’t happen

  16. darkhorse said

    Dinosaur, you are a dinosaur. it’s no longer monbulk, it’s Yarra Rangers. Just kidding. It really makes me wonder if people know what they are looking for in a player, or what they are looking at. Has anyone payed any attention to the fact that Tony from Heidelberg is the anchor man of heidelberg mens honours team. The guy leaves everybody in the passing side of things with their pants down. His 6’5, blocks so consistently, serves with precission, and attacks every lose ball available. The guy was a middle starter for the canadian uni team, and switched to libero for the canadian uni team. Now, pass hitting for Heidelberg. That’s the calliber of his skills in the game. How can anyone not have him in the final six of state leauge.

    We have to get educated on the game. Don’t just look for big hops and big hits. Look for consistency and affectiveness of the player. I have seen far too many players miss out on awards and recognition, simply out of bias and confused out look towards players. We should learn to recognise the class of a player.Are we really debating who the best setter is???Come on guys! Who has been the best setter in the country the last 20 years? Or is that a stupid question? Who do we all look at when it comes to setting? another stupid question. Maybe you can answer this one dinosaur, since you’ve been around the block. Coady definate mvp for the year(captain courages). Brookens(coach of the year)and best hip hop dancer!!!!!and best dressed!!! mvp is a tough one. It always goes to the best player in the weakest team in the division. Definately sends the wrong message.

    My top six for the league,

    Matt coad(middle)heidelberg
    cedric(pass hitter)heidelberg
    Tony(pass hitter)heidelberg
    The other middle from monash besides the lefty(middle)monash

    • Robbo said

      who are you referring to as the middle for monash? they switched it around a bit… Phil or Edson?

      • Alan said


        Darkhorse would be referring to Edson as Phil did not play a game in the middle this year.Prior to Edson coimg back we used Nick “Sammy” Boesten from Mazenod who was outstanding in all of the games he played (considering he went from Div 2 last year,skipped our Div 1 team and we threw him in the deep end!) and will be an excellent Honours Middle in years to come.

        I commend Darkhorse for finding at least two players out of eight who do not play for Heidelberg!

    • Dinosaur said

      Dark Horse, Tony from Canada is a VERY effective player, however to be in an all star team (just like footys ‘All Australian team) you can not miss so many matches like he did and qualify. I agree he would be in the top 3 or 4 players in the league for all round skill and talent, but he could not be included in my opinion.

      PS: Deros had a good year, George used him very effectively and at the right times….but to have him with Brooksy as equal for the last outside spot is once again….a bit silly. Brooks would have clerly been the leading scorer for the league. Falcons scored the most points ‘FOR’ on the ladder during the regular season, and he was almost their only go to guy for the first half of the season.

    • Honours player said

      In my opinion, the MVP should go to the player who was most influential for their team. Someone who without, their team would be struggle to be the same, and who lifts the level of play of those around them.

      Based on this criteria, my vote is for Brooksy as the MVP and would argue without him, falcons would struggle to have made the final, making him the most ‘valuable’ in the league. Heidleberg no doubt benefits from its depth of talent, and if you were to take any single player out from that team (coady, cedric, etc), I doubt that it would that much of an impact.

      The only other players I would say are as ‘valuable’ as brooksy are Sua and Taleni, as renegades are a completely different team without either of them.

      • Steve said

        Agree with this. I think what Dark horse is referring to is the period we had about ten years ago now when we had MVP’s coming from teams in the bottom two or three teams … bad team with one very good player. The refs gave that player two votes every time they lost and three votes on the one or two occasions they won. About fifteen different guys in the league would have won MVP if they had swapped places with that player.

        Best MVP win for me was Abud winning it in a championship year.

  17. Rob said

    Just saw that S.A came up with eight awards and Victoria can’t manage one.
    Going on the S.A model I would have;

    MVP: Brooks (Coady close but teammates would take votes)
    Server: Cedric
    Reciever: Tony (Canadian from Heidelberg)
    Setter: Damo (but spent not much time front court so Jason Smale otherwise)
    Spiker: Brooks
    Blocker: Coady
    U 21 Player: Juke Hill
    Coach: Michael Brookens
    Assistant: John Mc Inerny (great job to get a team into final with very limited time)

    Is Victoria the only league where honours has a twelve sub rule, play with Moltens and have no awards? How???

  18. Rob said

    Should they though Murph? Agree on the rule at junior and lower divisions but not honours.

  19. Murph said

    Lol…No…We REALLY shouldn’t, but there are many people on this forum who believe we should and will fight to the death their right to have it.

    • devo said

      From Rob S’s report in the latest refs’ newsletter:

      Referee Meeting & Clinic
      As in the past with previous Universiade Games, the FiVB were to test and evaluate a proposed rule change being considered for the near future. The FiVB Rules of the Game Commission President – Mr Sandy Steel, proposed the rule change of “Four Players in One Position”. Mr Steel was present throughout the whole tournament and made himself available for discussion on this and any other rules presently.

      The test was to employ dynamic shorter players more often. The goal of the study was to step towards an advanced or improved solution for a substitution system in volleyball, because volleyball is a team game where each player is limited to play in only one position in each set. The new (proposed) limitation of allowing up to four different players access in sequence to the same court position, should not be an obstacle for development and should give the coach additional opportunities for the use of additional defensive tactics, and more efficient use of the entire team roster.

    • i am definitely one of those people on this forum who would fight and die for 12 sub rule at league level. At any level where it’s user pays. Why pay $15 a game to sit on the bench. I know a league player who didn’t get to play reserves and ended up touching the ball only 36 times this season. including finals.

      League isn’t the end all and be all of volleyball. it’s about development of the game in a broader context. make it easier to put players on.

  20. Bubs said

    “Concerned” take a better look at my message… “i dont remember this being discussed on the board but I do remember it being discussed in a clubs delegates meeting with no clear outcome????”

    I was in the delegates meeting where it was mentioned and discussed with no outcome in the meeting I attended. There were many more meeting’s that I did not attend after this and it may have been finalised there.

    Please do not make assumptions…. I am a volunteer too, not a VVI staff member (I wouldnt knock them either, as they are trying their best)remember.. Why would I want to have a go at myself??? or anyone… I was asked a question and responded.

    This is what this forum is about??? I enjoy reading this information and feedback on Devo’s and from the comments above i was surprised there was no MVP or any other awards. I will bring this up in the boards next meeting and hopefully get a change


  21. darkhorse said

    Alan, don’t be petty. I’m not being bias towards heidelberg, just honest. don’t let emotions get in the way of learning. these boys gave alot to be winners. being fair and nice isn’t going to give you the best chance of winning. would it make any difference if it was predominantly monash players, if they deserved to be there?

  22. darkhorse said

    dinosaur. you are certainly looking at eligibility for the top six through a professional and legitimate way. that’s great. keeps things above board. although, it might not give you the best team.

    brooks is a terminator. it’s either a winner or a loss of point. his attack comes straight ahead. not much fake movements going on. certainly ran next to nothing when it came to combination attack. maybe that’s also due the falcons setter, or play system.

    dorosz in the other hand is very versatile in attack. he was used for quick, combination and release balls. even passed as well. blocking was excellent through out the year also from dorosz. if your playmaker is effective, brooks and dorosz can be very difficult to stop as oppossites. if there’s one thing both these blokes do, is swing at the ball. oppossites need to be physical, or what’s the point.

    a faster play might not suite brooks movement to swing in and out. cedric definately leaves him behind. that’s a big reason why dorosz was put to oppossite.

    devo, good info. fantastic point about shorter dynamic players. so sick of seeing oversized, uncoordinated athletes taking positions away from the right people. never ever proved the right way for success. karch kiraly, greatest ever was at most 189cm. would’ve dominated in any era of the sport. yeah, tall people can block. given that they have the right technique, timing and experience. after that, they struggle. volleyball is a split second sport. need to think fast, and certainly move fast. it’s all about power and explosiveness. also smarts!!!

    • TJ said

      Darkhorse, I think you’re missing the point of this discussion.
      I thought the point was to determine the MVP in the league which should be based upon performance, not skill set. And while you may have picked the best team skill-wise (which may suit a certain system), the all-star team should reflect player’s performances through the year for their respective teams.

      For me, brooks is MVP for his hitting, passing and defense.

    • Dinosaur said

      Doesn’t matter how you put it Dark Horse and what extra explanations you have just given again, Deros has never been and was not this year – As Valuable as brooksy!

      Brooksy is not an exceptional all round hitter – he has his deficincies….but no matter which way you spin it and how much you are propping up the heidelberg lads ( and they probably deserve it at this current time) for the strong result they got this year, you are a little off/biased with your opinions.

      Brooks would have played probably 500 games of Volleyball over the yeares as Libero, Passer Hitter, defensive sub, maybe even set when he was real young….but NEVER has he played oppositte, so not smart putting him there just because he hits it hard outside.

      Doesn’t matter what Combination and varied/fast attack either ran….that has nothing to do with it! Milinkovic from Serbia has been one of the better hitters in the world for the last 8 or so years and would never have hit a combination ball in his life! Many ways to skin a cat and the fast plays worked for Heidelberg this year in the current depth of State league and current rules format.

  23. anon said

    I see the MVP as a player that stands out in every game they play, can change a game off there own back and is good in all areas and also who is.. well, most valuable.
    Being one of the younger players in the leauge, my most feared and admired player throughout the season and someone i always struggled to find a way to block or get on top of, was Sua from Renegades. His ability to change the game and use every ball he was set was incredible. It showed how much of a difference he made when Yarra played them second last game of the season without Sua playing.
    Yarra won in 3 sets, one set 25-6. In saying this though, Yarra did play superbly.

    Saying this though i never got to play against Brooksy throughout the season who is another player who i think is most valuable to his team and the competition.

    • Steve said

      I see where you are coming from Anon, but following that logic it is easy to fall into the trap of voting for the “best player on a bad team”, even if it is just giving them the 2 votes and not the three. Reds won 8 and lost 6 games … would this have changed much if say Dorosz was playing for them instead … I doubt it, yet he isn’t mentioned as an MVP candidate.

      Fully supportive of Brooks getting the gong given the results his team achieved and him being the standout player on that team.

      • Robbo said

        Brooksy had a ripper of a season this year.. in the 1st or 2nd game i think he had 29-30 points for the match….

      • anon said

        Sua may be in a team thats not as strong as heidelberg or falcons, but put him in either one of those teams, and he’d still be one of the best players on court.
        He’d be the one of the best player in any team he is put in.
        He’s an incredible talent.

        • Anon said

          Sua’s offensive skills are excellent and Renegades certainly look for him to carry a large share of their attack and he can definitely score points in bunches. However, if you were to weigh up Sua’s hitting and serving against Brooksy’s hitting, serving, passing and defence, it leans heavily in Brooksy’s favour. The impact that Brooksy made in all aspects of the game showed up in more places than just the points scored column.

          • anon said

            Yes i do agree.
            Brooksy is probably overall better than Sua.
            I’m just coming from a players perspective and having not playing played against Brooksy all season it’s hard for me to say.
            Out of all players i played, he was the hardest opponent to block or defend.

        • Steve said

          Not disputing his talent, just saying it wouldn’t be as obvious on another team where he had less responsibility and his team mates were better, and that it is likely you would be holding players from Heidelberg and Falcons in the same esteem as you hold Sua if they were playing for Reds instead of him.

  24. andy said

    Guys I am going to have a crack at my all star team. To be honest I think cedric should get mvp or coady, both players were stand out hitters in a very solid team. Its very easy to look good in a average team, but hard to stand out in a very creative strong side. Ceds hit 16 kills in one set of volleyball and 8 service points for the semi finial against falcons. And for setters, lets get serious here, Number 1 is australia no1 matches up to george, he is the best setter this country has to offer.

    Setter: George Santa Maria
    Middle: Coady, Edson (monash)
    Pass hit: Ph1:Cedric/ PH2:Brooksy or (Tony from heidelberg)
    Opposite: Dorosz (with Matty desalvo as the second setter)
    Libero: Kev from eastside
    Coach: Michael Brookens And Tomas assisting.

    Under 21 player of the year: John Van.

  25. Michael said

    For what it’s worth.. Heidelberg does not win without coady… period! You put him on any team he gives them a better chance to win more so than any other player in the league. He is the total player and is probably in the top 5 in evey category Passes,serves,blocks, and kills.

  26. Murph said

    To weigh in…

    I think its hard to stand out on a weak team, especially as a hitter. If you aren’t getting decent service from the rest of your team, a gun hitter is still ineffective against a good blocking team. Everything becomes easier when Santa Maria is setting you I’m sure. If their play when they were here is anything to go by, Heidelberg’s outside players would have been hitting against some pretty rushed blocks, making the job easier still to stand out.

    • Steve said

      Disagree Murph, and our MVP history reflects this! In a strong team the setter can go to 5 other players while in a weak team one player will consistently be set the ball and thus their contribution is very obvious. The better player on the stronger team will get set half as much and while their kill % may be higher they historically have been deemed less “valuable” by the referees (who had voting responsibilities).

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