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Vic State League live stream today

Posted by devo on September 12, 2009

oz-volleyball tvFor those outside Victoria who are interested in the Victorian State League competition or those who just can’t make it on the day, the Men and Women’s Honours Grand Finals will be streamed live on the OZ-Volleyball Channel today. The schedule is:

  • 2pm AEST – Women’s Honours – Monash vs Yarra Ranges
  • 4pm AEST – Men’s Honours – Melbourne Falcons vs Heidelberg

Jason Pallant and Nic Kaiser will be doing the commentary for the Men’s game. The women’s game will be commentated by Bill McHoul.

9 Responses to “Vic State League live stream today”

  1. Steve said

    Go Bergers!

  2. Steve said

    A Guiness for the winner Al?

    • Steve said

      or even a Guinness?!?

      • devo said

        Yes and yes ;-))
        Have just medicated myself – hate doing it – to throw off the affects of a chest cold. Still hoping to be there for the match. If not I’ll be singing the praises of Robbo all week.
        Go Falcons!

        • Steve said

          Excellent, Irish medication will cure what ails you … though you will be buying!!

          • Dinosaur said

            Kinga you don’t need an excuse to drink a guiness, you’d have a drink underwater if you could – so therefore your burgers don’t need to win!

            You’ve been pretty busy on this site lately – enjoyed your thoughts – but how much work is getting done at your ‘multi national’ company? I hope your boss is not a Devo blogger?

            And on a side note King, that 96 National champs mens game you referred to in another post was one of the bigger and louder games seen. Especially with waiters bringing drinks out to people in the crowds!!!! Qld 2-0 up in the final, everyone drunk and then the Vics get up and win in a 3 1/2hr 5 set epic (old side out scoring)in 35 dgree 100% humidity Nth Qld weather…..Please everyone, it is obvious, with or without Mens AVL…..Bring back Senior National champs if you want to see ALL the best players play and a top level of Volleyball.

            • Steve said

              Was best game I was ever involved in, even though I only got on for one point and was shut out big time by Appleby!!!!

  3. Steve said

    3-0 Baby!!!!!!!!

    • devo said

      The Burgers did a great job shutting down the Falcon hitters. Far too good this year. Congratulations.

      But next year is another year. Your Guinness is in the mail ;-)))

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