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State League 4 – SA results & Slugger’s last game

Posted by Hugh Nguyen on September 12, 2009

In South Australia:logo blog sa

Men’s Comp:

  • Norwood defeated South 20-25, 30-28, 25-19, 25-23

Women’s Comp:

  • Mt Lofty defeated Austral 25-23, 25-27, 25-23, 25-14

A fixture of State League for at least 20 years, Craig “Slugger” Watson played his last game for South Adelaide. He was cheered off by a guard of honour and large crowd as he signed the score sheet for the last time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the stadium.

You’ll hardly find anyone in SA who doesn’t have a Slugger story. My favourite is one I’ve heard about a dozen times about when he played state seniors in the mid 90s. Perhaps it has been embellished since.

There was an SA v Vic game, and Slugger standing at 6’1 hit a metre ball over a massive Vic triple block. The ball went over the top, inside the attack line and smashed a tile in the ceiling. Urban legend or not, the story stuck and I’ve heard it told by numerous people (each version slightly different).

Slugger wasn’t tall, but he had a massive jump and was an excellent passer. There was always something enjoyable about watching him hit. He dominated state league well into his late 30s and was always a prized scalp among blockers.

Off the court, Slugger has a successful business career as the Managing Director of Kinsmen, a property fund manager responsible for multimillion dollar property developments.

Although it’s a childish pleasure, I’ll definitely miss watching him bounce balls into the ceiling.

5 Responses to “State League 4 – SA results & Slugger’s last game”

  1. Steve said

    Not sure about the urban legend, but played against Craig numerous times for Vic or at Warrnambool and he was great to play against. Welcome to the land of the retired.

  2. Eldo said

    Was proud to be a volleyball person when I saw the respect South, Norwood and all the spectators gave Craig. A well deserved emotional moment for all there.

  3. Brian Kempe said

    Absolutely agree Eldo. If our sport is to truly progess, we need more people like slugger, and others to all support each other and the sport in a unified fashion. I think its terrific that already as a player he has been on the board in recent years and is now continuing as Chairman/President. I wish him all the best in all aspects of his life, butb particularly in his playing retirement!
    I wish I had more time as I would give it a crack too – maybe in a few years. However there must be heaps of retired volleyball community people out there who would be fantastic on the board. Ok its not for everyone I realise, but there are plenty of other roles to volunteer time and skills to in our sport. Plenty of juniors to develop in every school in Adelaide. A strong grass roots means a strong senior component.

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