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Poll on integrated national governance model

Posted by devo on September 12, 2009

There has been a lot of discussion on the post Volleyball a highly subsidised niche elite sport as to whether Aussie volleyball would progress more if  it was under one national controlling body rather than a collection of states.

  • Should we take the risk of handing control, that is now the province of the states, over to the AVF?
  • Should all volleyball administrators be employed by the AVF, or should state bodies employ our local administrators?
  • Would volleyball be better – or worse off – if we had one national controlling body?

The Australian Volleyball Federation has been, for some time, investigating alternative governance structures and processes that can replace the traditional ‘federal’ structure on which it currently operates. The aim of this process is to identify an appropriate alternative structure and implement this alternative. The AVF have not been able to progress the Integrated National Structure as much as the board would have liked. but it is still the board’s strong view that discussion with the states regarding the Integrated National Structure should take place soon. The Australian Sports Commission is supporting the Australian Volleyball Federation in this undertaking, as it would like all sports to adopt this “national” model.

Project Objective:

To investigate the feasibility, achieve agreement and enact a successful transition of the AVF from its current ‘federal’ governance structure to an integrated ‘national’ governance structure.

Key Project Strategies:

  • Seek the affirmation and commitment of AVF’s Board and Member States to streamline the governance of the sport by implementing changes to the AVF’s governance structure to effectively and efficiently meet its purpose and objectives;
  • Investigate the impact on Member State’s constitutions and legal structures and recommend steps to migrate the present structure to the newly proposed structure, if agreed;
  • Assess the legal obligations of Member States, particularly contracts and financial commitments, if an integrated national governance structure was accepted;
  • Develop an AVF operational plan, staffing profile, procedures and systems for the efficient and effective operations of a integrated national organisation;
  • Undertake discussion with State and Territory government funding authorities on the position of funding the AVF if it was to adopt an integrated national governance structure.

So what do you think? Should we be supporting the National Structure, or are the states the best way to provide and grow volleyball in Australia? Hit the poll in the left side column and let us know what you think.

5 Responses to “Poll on integrated national governance model”

  1. Mike said

    I am searching to find the results of 1991 Asian Volleyball Championships (Perth, Australia), Can you help me ?

  2. Eldo said

    What if

    What if all states had a strong state league of equivalent prestigue and strength.
    with good fair rules
    an appropriate cost structure
    that was well resourced
    with good time frames and strict deadlines
    competently refereed
    provided spectator seating and encouraged a spectator base
    and that it started and finished around the same time of the year
    that allowed our national women to actually play in the finals.
    and had a presentation night with all participants to celebrate the end season.
    and that a national results service so we could all follow our neighbour states.

    What if all states had the same for a junior volleyball league.

    What if all states had a junior development person working from the same page and within a national plan.

    What is all states could benefit from the ideas, creativeness from the Micheal Brookens and Simon Phillips, the Rus Borgeau and Steve Tuttons and Pauline Manser’s in our sport.

    What if recreational / social volleyball was coordinated under a national marketing plan with logos, posters costs,draws, peremiership tables challenging number targets for the future.

    What if all the states beach seasons were coordinated and planned together allowing players to play interstate.

    What if everybody playing volleyball in Australia (500,000 of them) paid a $5.00 membership fee to the AVF.

    What if we had a national volleyball magazine (again)and supported it.

    What if we actually looked like a unified national sport and could attract a sponsor?

    What if every state had a State Schools cup that was as good as the National schools Cup in every state.

    What if we had a plan to develop coaches so that we actually had enough of them
    (This where I do admire the referees as they have been successful here)

    What if we had a national league which did not make a mockery of our state leagues with men and women playing at the same time with the finals at the top of the table’s home court.

    What if we created a point of difference ahd had NZ and Indonesian teams in the AVL (Asian Volleyball League)

    What if we just took small measured steps for 5 years and grow the sport without risking going broke.

    All the above are possible with a new structure
    No way will they occur with our 50 year old mess structure.

    If you do not trust the AVF then change it – Get in people you do trust.
    we are the AVF.

    What if I just shut up for a while.

  3. great ideas eldo.

    I think it would make the sport so much more enjoyable to a base that is broader than the tragics

  4. Neil Cocks said

    Here …Here !!
    Great comments….much much more needed !!
    For once CONstructive comments rather than DEstructive ones from someone as far as the whole thing is concerned.
    Keep it up !

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