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Rourke thinks beach the answer

Posted by devo on September 9, 2009

Rachel Rourke wanted to be more than The Thunder from Down Under.

The personable outside hitter from Queensland, Australia, aspired to be a complete player, something more than a hitting specialist who hit the bench when it was time for her to rotate into the back row. Mission accomplished. Four years of hard work have transformed her from a one-trick pony into a versatile player who generally plays the entire match.

Rachel’s considered the possibility of playing in the Olympics, but the Australians are in the very difficult Asian qualifying group, with Japan, China and Korea, and will have a hard time advancing to the 2012 London Summer Games. (Ex-Beaver Selena Scoble played for Australia in 2000, but that team automatically qualified because the Olympics were in Sydney.)

So a better bet may be 2016, in a different medium. “The Australian national team usually doesn’t qualify for the Olympics. But there’s always a first,” she said. “(Her best shot) is probably in 2016, playing beach volleyball. I’ll give it a couple more years indoors, then go out to the sand.” full article @ Brooks Hatch

6 Responses to “Rourke thinks beach the answer”

  1. Concerned Coach said

    Seems my post on the earlier story about the Aus Women at the Asian Champs is quite relevant, with another of our best indoor players possibly heading for the sand. I can’t deny that the Olympics is the pinnacle for these athletes, but there are probably enough exceptional Indoor players heading to the sand to field a very competitive Indoor team to aim for qualification…

  2. Sandy said

    With all due respect to everyone and everything, aiming to qualify is VERY different to competing for a Gold Medal.

  3. Steve said

    Agree with Sandy. Plus aside from representative honours her earning potential on the sand is likely to be greater than indoors.

  4. Sandy said

    Actually her earning potential is probably greater indoors.

  5. Steve said

    Including sponsorship? If she has real success on the beach it will come.

  6. Concerned Coach said

    Good point Sandy, but lets hope that the many girls turing to beach actually qualify to attempt to grab that gold… otherwise they are in no better position with relation to that Olympic dream. It’s a tough decision and one that I don’t envy, good luck!

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