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Refs get fitted out

Posted by devo on September 9, 2009

Improving the professionalism and presentation of events run by the AVF is a commitment which we continually strive to achieve . With this in mind, the AVRC Executive have been investigating the possibility of introducing pants to the uniforms.

The pants are now available to try on at selected Lowes PTY LTD stores across  Australia. The pants will be part of a compulsory uniform  for all AVF events starting in 2010. The price will be $60 per pair, this will include embroidery and delivery to each of the nominated stores.

Orders need to be returned by the 30th September. This is only a one off order; so to have these pants ready for the 2010 AVF competitions they need to be ordered by the 30-09-09.

Refs wanting to get new pants can check out the Volleyball Australia site:

Order Forms

9 Responses to “Refs get fitted out”

  1. Neil Cocks said

    There is of course a down side to these new referee uniforms, they are official for Australia ONLY, and any referee wanting to do matches overseas must be outfitted in the international uniform, which is Mikasa, and has a totally different top without any white in it at all, and probably the pants are different as well.
    But for internal Australia (for the moment) these ones are fine though.
    I say this not to “knock” the new uniforms, but to inform.

    Neil Cocks
    Mikasa Sports Australia

    • whosin said

      why would you write “for the moment” Neil. Do you know something the AVF dont?? Are you or the AVF going to introduct Mikasa uniforms for the domestic leagues?
      Then why would ref’s go and purchase these pants at $60 a pop…..

      • stan said

        yeah good point. What’s up?

        • Neil Cocks said

          Whosin / Stan
          Just simply that “For the moment”. We at Mikasa Sports Australia have been and will continue to push the use of the International Referee Uniform which is produced by Mikasa, but slowly does it “at the moment”.
          There are deals in place here and we do not wish to rock the boat.
          But the situation of referees needing a Mikasa uniforms has already come up, for referees needing it as they were going overseasas their current uniform was acceptable.
          Australia is an island nation and we tend to be isolated from the rest of the world sometimes, this is just one exampleof that.

          • Neil Cocks said

            I did a spelling mistake …for referees needing it as they were going overseas their current uniform was “unacceptable.”

  2. John C said


    Any referee who aspires, and becomes an international referee,Then they are given a uniform free of charge at any FIVB tournament. This new official referee’s uniform is endorsed by the AVF and will be standard for any AVF event. This uniform is aimed at increasing our presentation and professionalism at events. These uniforms are more than ok (for the moment) and they will be the uniform of choice at AVF events.

    Officials if you have any concerns please feel free to contact the AVF

    • Neil Cocks said

      If you say so John C. But the people that I had spoken with had not told me that they had been supplied, on the contrary they had paid for their uniform.
      As I said to start with … I did not wish to “rock the boat”, I was merely trying to explain that there was a different uniform required for overseas, and we would of course be trying to supply that uniform here in Australia in due course, that was all.

      Neil Cocks
      Mikasa Sports Australia

  3. John C said


    From my understanding, the International referee’s unifrom supplied by Mikasa, is just that for International referee’s only. National leagues from around the world have their own uniform for officials also. This initiative is aimed at helping to lift the presentation and the standard of AVF events. I would think that people wanting to further this sport in this country should support this without agendas.

  4. markleb said

    All countries have their own uniforms. Sometimes it is similar to FIVB, sometimes not.
    European Cup competitions have referees wearing FIVB ‘style’ uniforms, but not necessarily Mikasa. You will often get two refs wearing different brands.

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