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FIVB press on Asian Champs

Posted by devo on September 9, 2009

asian womens 09The third day of the group round-robin preliminaries of the 15th Asian Senior Women’s Volleyball Championship saw strong teams overcome their less-rated opponents, but with in-form Iran also unpredictably stunning Australia to book their berth in the quarterfinals.

In an almost near-flawless performance, Iran on Monday performed superbly to brush aside Australia 3-1 (25-21, 25-18, 20-25, 25-16) to finish second in Pool A after collecting five points from two wins against one loss to hosts Vietnam.

Vietnam top Pool A as expected following a clean sweep of three wins to bag a full six points. With Vietnam and Iran finishing 1-2 in Pool A, Australia and Sri Lanka had to be content with third and fourth in the pool after compiling 4 and 3 points, respectively.

After a rest day yesterday, Australia is now competing fo positions 9+ in Pool G: Australia (3A), Sri Lanka (4A), Hong Kong (3C) more@fivb

3 Responses to “FIVB press on Asian Champs”

  1. Concerned Coach said

    Commenting on the results of the Australian Women’s Team is always fraught with danger and I must highlight that I am only trying to stimulate conversation rather than disrespect any of the current athletes in Vietnam. Needless to say, I was upset that the team competing in the 15th Asian Seniors didn’t make the final 8. I don’t think I am alone in saying that it is probably an unexpected result. However, the difficulty lies in trying to address why this is the case. I am certainly not pointing the finger at the Coaching Staff or the players and wish them all the luck in trying to finish in 9th position… But my question is, where have all our ‘Gun’ players gone and are there a few players that have gone unnoticed on the International stage?

    Obviously with the US College season in full flight we are without the option of including players in the squad such as, Rachel Rourke (QLD), Sam Simmons (SA), Rebecca Walters (VIC), Jess Peacock (SA), Rhiannon Tooker (QLD) and Shayla Chalker (VIC). Moreover, a number of talented girls are doing well for themselves on the beach tour.

    But what has happened to; Elisha Garlic (NSW), Kristen Jansen (QLD), Eileen Romanowski (NSW/QLD) , Tolotear Lealamanua (NSW), Justine Mowan (QLD), Jordan Mowen (QLD), Tarsha Praski (VIC), Wendy Edwards (NSW) and the likes?

    These absences opened spots for a few of the younger girls, debutants and familiar faces to have a hit out on the International stage at the Vietnam Cup that otherwise would not have played in the green and gold (or white and blue as it was). But are there any players that should possibly be selected to form part of the Australian Women’s Training Squad that haven’t been picked up? I can think of a couple that at least deserves some consideration… Teresa Dixon (VIC), Erica Rice (TAS), Petrice Fatchen (VIC), Kylie Garlick (QLD), Lena Skipper (VIC), Anne Roberts (VIC) and there are probably many more. I have coached teams playing against these girls and they all should be considered in my opinion, not necessarily to represent Australia but for inclusion in a training squad and given opportunities.

    Looking forward to some feedback.

  2. Manser said

    Dear Concerned Coach,

    Interesting you ask why the number of players you have listed haven’t been included in the current National Sqaud.
    The list of College athletes have the current Coaching staff excited about the future, whilst we are certainly not at full strength currently we believe every player in the squad deserves the opportunity to be part of this new program. The current crop of squad members have contributed a great deal to the developing ethos, and deserve the absolute support of the Volleyball community for a whole raft of reasons. In no way should our current squad members feel that they are inferior or not worthy of a place in the squad and are deserving of the opportunity to play at Vietnam Cup and/or Asian Championships.

    To clarify, there are a range of reasons why the above named athletes have not been included in the 2009 squad.
    Elisha Gelic (NSW) – part of squad previously however has decided to take a year off
    Kristen Jansen (QLD) – retired after a knee injury
    Eileen Romanowski (NSW/QLD) – has focussed on beach and did not participate in AVL (Which is one of the few criteria for national squad selection)
    Tolotear Lealamanua (NSW) – at this stage has not made herself available and did not play AVL in 2009
    Justine Mowan (QLD) – focussed on beach
    Jordan Mowen (QLD) – focussed on beach
    Tarsha Praski (VIC)- is part of the squad however has been away for second half of AVL and so was either unavailable or not selected for the tour (Still remains in the squad)
    Wendy Edwards (NSW) – did not play AVL

    Teresa Dixon (VIC)- played AVL however did not make the cut based on performance
    Erica Rice (TAS) – Did not play AVL
    Petrice Fatchen (VIC) – Did not play AVL
    Kylie Garlick (QLD) – Did not play AVL
    Lena Skipper (VIC) – Did not play AVL
    Anne Roberts (VIC) – Did not play AVL

    I am sure you would understand that it is essential that we see these players competing at the highest possible level in Australia, against other National Squad members as we have very limited opportunities to train and prepare for the events. We currently have a list of about 32 players who are part of the current squad a considerably higher number of athletes that have been engaged in the National Program for as long as i have been involved. That is since 1986.

    I hope that clears up any doubt about our current selections, and reasons…. we thank you for your support for the upcoming challenge of getting 9th at Asian Championships. Although we would all like to have made top 8 we will be endeavouring to finish strongly and will be extremely proud of the teams efforts and will certainly be redefining our goals and direction for the coming 2 years to ensure we are in better form entering into the 2011 Championships.

  3. Concerned Coach said

    Thank you for that excellent response, greatly appreciated.

    My response was designed to facilitate discussion about some of the players that had previously been involved on the National level and seem to have disappeared. It was in no way meant to criticise the current members of the National team, as I think they are doing an excellent job and deserve the opportunity to be representing our country. I certainly wasn’t intending to diminish the value of our current squad, they have my full support. I was more interested in finding out the position of a few of the ‘old faces’ and discuss selection in general. I was in no way questioning the position on the team of those athletes currently away, as they have obviously met selection and are the correct group of ladies for the current job.

    Thanks again for answering all of my questions regarding the above named, wasn’t really expecting ‘answers’ for all those mentioned in one hit. Keep up the good work with the training squad, good luck for the rest of the tournament and here’s looking to a bright future in women’s volleyball in Australia.

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