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VVL Honours Finals Streaming Live

Posted by Robbo on September 5, 2009

oz-volleyball tvFor those outside Victoria who are interested in the Victorian State League competition or those who just can’t make it on the day, the Mens and Womens Honours Grand Finals will be streamed live on the OZ-Volleyball Channel on Saturday the 12th of September. The schedule is:

  • 2pm – Womens Honours – Monash VS Yarra Ranges
  • 4pm – Mens Honours – Melbourne Falcons VS Heidelberg

EDIT: Victoria’s Jason Pallant and NicKaiser will be doing the commentary for the Mens game. Both have been involved in playing/coaching in the State League competition this year, with Jason being a vital part of Southern Cross and the State program and Nic being heavily involved in Yarra Ranges and also the State program after coming from Canberra this year.

EDIT: The womens game will be commentated by Bill McHoul. Bill has run the womens program at Melbourne Falcons for many years and has also been heavily involved with the Victorian State program along with the womens National program, including the upcoming Jenny Kirk Trans Tasman Cup. He has also represented Australia in the Paralympics.

25 Responses to “VVL Honours Finals Streaming Live”

  1. Robbo said

    I’ve heard a rumour that an ex-national current beach player is being brought in for this game….

  2. Dinosaur said

    I didn’t know Mark Tudor was back playing beach?

  3. Tony said

    if so they should check whether or not the transfer from SC was actually signed??

  4. Bob said

    Ahh the wonderous VVI loop holes they have been exploited for yours! Obviously the bergers are punching cotton and need some assistance to beat the Falcons. Hope you remember what to do Ralph!

  5. Luke said

    Well let’s see what happens on Saturday at the final. Who will be playing? I heard Ben Hardy, Igor Yudin, Paul Carroll and even Dan Howard may be coming and playing for either Falcons or Bergers. Could be an amazing game! Maybe even Gabs making a comeback?

    • Robbo said

      I’m picturing the Simpsons episode where they are playing tennis and everyone ends up getting replaced by Venus/Serena/Sampras/Agassi haha

  6. Robbo said

    Either way, it’s going to be a massive game! Lets hope we can get a huge crowd down there!

    • Alan said

      Hi All

      Does anyone know why the Refs were doing Duty at Saturdays Honours Mens Preliminary Final (Falcons v Monash)?

      I recall last year when we (Monash) qualified first our team had to do Duty for the Preliminary Final-when was this changed?

      I am pretty sure the Refs get paid and if that is the case I don’t think they were doing Duty voluntarily!


      • Dinosaur said

        Heidelberg should not have had to do duty anyway, by getting to the grand final ranked as the best team (IE: winning the 2nd semi final)They should not have been penalised and expected to do a duty, just on the principle of – ‘hey they will probably be the only team there watching anyway…’

        On the other hand up until midweek – last week, this was the rule. Now VV would not just change it a couple of days out from the final because it just struck them all of a sudden that this is a crazy expectation!
        Someone from Heidelberg obviously got someone to see the light and obviously just like behind most situations, there had to be a financial reason. The spoils now go to the top team in years to come as Im sure they will hold VV to this ruling.

        • Alan said

          History would tell us Dinosaur that the team that qualifies first for the Grand Final has always done Duty for the Qualifying final the following week.

          If this was a problem surely the decision should have been made earlier than a couple of days prior to the match and why wasn’t the privilege given to all of the teams in all divisions who had qualified.

          Please tell me that VV didn’t pay the Refs to stand on lines?

  7. andy said

    Im so confused? Luke campbell was not brought into play? Why would heidelberg change anything they have done over the season, they have beaten every team (without Luke) so I don’t think luke playing or not will really effect the outcome, and I find it quite sad that this is actually being discussed.

    • Robbo said

      I feel sorry for you being saddened by such simple things :p

      Falcons have also beaten every team as well ;) that’s why this game should be a huge one.
      Let’s hope both teams can deliver and give everyone what they came to see

      • andy said

        Robbo, I am not saddened by simple things, but I am just dissapointed that things like this would be said. Luke campbell has done alot for volleyball and I think he deserves more respect than he is being shown. I just found it funny that you would think that we would need any other player to help us? falcons have lost to heidelberg in the last two appearences, so to be honest I don’t think this game will be huge at all. Especially if they continue to play like that have been in the last three weeks. thanks Robbo.

        • Robbo said

          where has anyone shown disrespect to him? He’s even posted in here himself poking a bit of fun at it. I have spoken to him in person a few times and yeah he’s a great guy.
          Where have i said that you need him to help you out? I was simply stating a bit of news that i had been told. Personally i dont care whether its true or not.
          Of course if we play the way we did last time we played, it wont be an exciting match, but then again, if you guys dont have a good game, the same could be said. I’m simply stating that “for the good of volleyball” hopefully both teams bring their A-game.

  8. Rog said

    All I can say is that I am looking forward to be playing in the Grand Final game. I don’t think anyone should worry about who is playing and who is not, why us (Heidelberg) didn’t have to do duty for the semi-final, etc….. Just come and enjoy a game between two great Victorian clubs. After all is said and done its the performance on the court that counts and nothing else…..

  9. Bob said

    Andy is right, which ever team he is playing or barracking for, if they have beaten everyone all season why the bloody hell would they need to bring in someone who sat on the bench for one game for the season. If they did do that, a lot of people would be laughing at them! Hope it is a cracker of a game with plenty of fire and passion. Go the Falcons!

  10. Chiefnic said

    Robbo- I’m happy to do the commentary on the Men’s Final for your streaming.

    • Robbo said

      Cheers mate, i was just about to send you a message. I’ve got 3 of you lined up. Will post up details soon.

  11. Bubs said

    Hey there all, great to see some good hearted banter about Volleyball. I think this is great….

    If we can all support the greater good i.e. Volleyball in Victoria creating talk and hype then thats great.

    Lets stop looking at what used to be done historical and start moving forward to make Volleyball the greatest game in Victoria and Australia.

    I think it was a great decision for VVI to recognise we have our elite Men and Women’s honours teams who qaulified for the GF to not have to do duty. If we want to be elite we must treat the teams that qaulify as elite and begin being professional.

    Lets be positive and stop being negative…

    I was part of the team that created Falcons back in the Nasser days and I am happy to say I am part of the team to bring heidelberg back to life. to see both playing off in the GF makes me proud. May the best team win and maybe VVI win… Go ………

  12. Robbo said

    Victoria’s Jason Pallant and NicKaiser will be doing the commentary for the Mens game. Both have been involved in playing/coaching in the State League competition this year, with Jason being a vital part of Southern Cross and the State program and Nic being heavily involved in Yarra Ranges and also the State program after coming from Canberra this year.

    We are still looking for 1-2 people to commentate the Womens game, so if you would like to get involved, please contact me through this contact form

  13. Alan said

    Great decisions are about consultation and timing, both of which VVI have the reputation of not using.The decision to change the format of not having Honours Teams doing duty should have been made at the State League Review,or at least prior to the Final Series.
    When VVI have parents up in arms about the cost of State representation and then they pay referees to stand on lines and press scoreboard buttons this reeks of contempt.
    As for wanting to be elite,can we please stop get ahead of ourselves.What we should be doing is building a solid base of Coaches,Junior Development,maximise participation and increase the sports retention rates and then the elite can do as they please!
    Without wanting to sound repetitive the pyramids were built from the base up not from the top down!

    • Michael said

      Complain complain complain… So quick to point out the wrongs but what are you doing to make it right. The sport is what it is. Will it change? Yes! As fast as we want it to? No! But the ridicule and complaining and badgering about all this petty crap gets us nowhere. If we can’t support each other no one else is going to support us either. Sounds like a bunch of children arguing about topics that have no bearing on anything other than who they annoy. You wanted change you got wholesale changes. Terry is gone, Tania is gone, Leigh is gone, and trust me we are worse off for it in my opinion.. So let the VVI bashing cease and turn our direction to the future. You want VVi to be something more or different then vote, contact your board members, write an email whatever floats your boat. I am a part of VVI..So every time you bash it I take offence. I know how things are run here, how hard the people work to do what’s right for the share holders and I know how things truly are and your perceptions are just that perceptions, with no facts nor comprehension. You want to have an honest discussion about the topics let’s do it but to automatically go straight to questioning a group’s integrity with no information is not in my opinion a productive way to start one. I dunno maybe I’m overreacting but I get sick of people blaming VVI for every little thing that annoys them. Do you even know who’s on the VVi board? Did you even know they have one? Did you know that the ED answers to them? No decisions are made without their approval? How many times have you talked to them about your concerns? How many of them have you voiced your opinions, wants, and ideas to? You voted for them why not approach them?

      • devo said


        Perception and reality may well be different. But if the perception is wrong, then V V has a problem that needs to be addressed.

      • Steve said

        Having worked at VVI also (though many moons ago now) I am in agreement with you Michael. The lesson we learned way back then though that seems to have been forgotten over the years is that communication is key. VVI has to make unilateral decisions, that is why you exist, but buy in from members is also important and explaining why decisions are made is the best way to getting that buy in.

        As soon as this decision was made there should have been an announcement on the VVI website and it would have been very easy to put a positive spin on it … no one likes duty and only sadists like seeing other people forced to do it, especially if duty is the only reason why someone has to be at the stadium! Eliminating duty requirements is something to be applauded.

        Alan is a customer with real concerns and while he should (and maybe has) voice these to board members and staff members it is far better that he voice them here than nowhere.

        PS I was the one who first implemented the winner of SF1 does duty for the prelim way back when, because you knew the team was going to show up and at that time we couldn’t afford to pay refs to do it. Before then one of the teams playing in the second scheduled prelim did duty for the first one and then for the rest of the prelims the loser of the prelim did duty for the game after theirs. You can imagine how popular that was … first you miss out on the grand final and then for your last state league experience for the year you have duty!

  14. Robbo said

    Womens Honours commentator found…

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