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A timely reminder

Posted by devo on September 4, 2009

Devo says:

Please keep comments on posts “polite”. The vast majority of commentators do this.  Vigorous argument is encouraged. Personal abuse or “Flaming” is not. I will edit or delete these posts. If I miss an inappropriate comment – the post author does get an email copy of each comment – please contact me via the Contact Devo tag at the top of the page.

I am happy for commentators to use pseudonyms – up to 4 by one eager commentator – but please do not “hide” behind the pseudonym to say something that you would not say in person. Please do use a valid email address. I will not disclose it to anyone, but it gives me the opportunity to follow up or clarify an issue with you if the need arises.

If you are commenting on a product or business that you own or represent, or the product or business of your opposition, then I think that it is only fair that you acknowledge your connection to that business or product.

Be fair; be vigorous; be nice.

For those new to blogs, you can add a comment to the bottom of each post by clicking on the leave a comment2 comments tag at the end of each post. You can read comments written by others by clicking the same tag.

Occasionally, a comment will be trapped in my spam filter. If your comment does not appear in the blog after a few minutes, contact me via the Contact Devo tag at the top of the page.

Some people have been asking how to get a picture – an avatar – beside their comment. This takes a few seconds, but is not that difficult.

  • Go to
  • Click on the green sign up now tag
  • Fill out the details in the page(s) that come up. Make sure that you click on the just a user name please button at the bottom of the first info page

You should be able to upload a picture to use as an avatar, and you will be recognised on any wordpress blogs.

If you do not have an avatar, one will be automatically generated using your email address so that each time you come on you will get the same automatic avatar. Remember this if you wish to comment as another “personality”. If you don’t change the email address, everyone will know who you are!

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