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LZ Sport update

Posted by devo on September 3, 2009

We have previously mentioned LZ Sport, a company that will help you to get a scholarship in the USA for a fee. They have updated their web site, and an Australia specific page is under construction. The updated site has a bunch of new information, more interactive information, photos, video clips and testimonials than the old site.

On the figures that LZ supplied me, this seems a reasonable service if you get a full scholarship out of it.  If you don’t want the hassles of doing the paperwork. If you are a guy and you’re not going to get a full scholarship I’d say save your $$$ and do it yourself. There are Aussies who are willing to help you get through the scholarship process, and I can pass you on to these people.

You should read the comments on the previous post. I have had no personal dealings with LZ sport; so I cannot recommend them. But they were recommended to me by an Aussie OS who I have a great deal of respect for.

4 Responses to “LZ Sport update”

  1. College Expert said

    If you are interested in a college scholarship, you should deal with someone based in Australia with college expertise and who has a history of getting Aussie kids scholarships. Dealing with foreign based companies can be particular risky. If they take your money and don’t deliver what they promise (usually the case) you are left with no avenue to complain and no one to hold accountable. There are some very knowledgable people in Australia in regards to college recuiting who are well experienced in assisting Aussie kids with this pathway whether it be for fee based services or just free advice. In my experience dealing with european companies for US college recruiting is not wise!

    • devo said

      In general I would agree with you.

      My own son was just approached and the college did most of the work. Easy.Except for getting a “quick” student visa from the US embassy.
      Others I know are well organised, and can get their DVD’s out there and make it happen.
      I can pass people on to several Aussies, both here and in the States who have expressed a willingness to help. But it means that these people have to have the time to do this.
      Others want to have the hand held experience.
      It’s horses for courses.

      I still wait for the day when some retiree sets up a small business to help Aussie volleyballers. (bvando?) I am excited to hear that Bvando is motivated to get a site up. I know that the Aussie women are keen to set up relationships with US colleges.

      But there is space out there for many Aussie volleyballers who have not made THE program to go to the states, play volleyball, get a degree, and have a wow of an experience. My own son was never invited to an Aussie camp, but was offered a half scholarship to an NAIA college. We were lucky enough to be able to support him. These second rank colleges have a lot to offer many of our kids. Scholarships should not be seen as the sole domain of future Aussie Reps. These people may want to use any of the ways I’ve listed to achieve their goal. Horses for courses.

  2. bvando said

    I agree with the above comment. I have help many kids in many sports but mainly Volleyball. I had a player who wanted help for ice hockey after paying money to an European site and no result.

    I have written in the past 4 articles I am in the procces of developing a series of video and more information. I do have a few girls who have asked for my help its just finding the time to get it into a website. This post will get me started again.
    I wish I was semi retired Hey Devo

    • devo said

      After being back at the whiteboard for the last two weeks and a half, it’s nice to be back home, a late breakfast sitting in the sun (yes we do get some sun here in Victoria), the computer pinging when the mail or alerts come in. I can recommend retirement Bvando.

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