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Kids’ Volleyball

Posted by devo on September 3, 2009

kids ballThe FIVB is reporting that Mikasa has just unveiled its latest ball for children, the Mikasa SKV5 Kids’ Volleyball.

The FIVB inspected Kids Volleyball, with its dynamic material and unique 8-panel design, weighs in at just 170 grams. The ball is lighter, softer and slightly smaller than regulation balls. The rubber material not only encourages children to touch and play with the ball but also takes the sting out of hitting it, making the fun game of volleyball even more fun.

3 Responses to “Kids’ Volleyball”

  1. Neil Cocks said

    Here at Mikasa we love sport, the sport of Volleyball is one that is close to our heart. So it should be of no surprise that we want to provide items to volleyball that will further increase the number of people playing the sport.
    As can be found on the Mikasa Sports Australia website, there are lots and lots of volleyball items not available from any any manufacturer.
    The SKV5 will be released in Australia early in the new year (2010).
    As can be seen on our website since we gained the rights for both Beach and Indoor Volleyball in Australia we have introduced new balls and items, some of which until very recently were only available in Australia.
    Some people may not like our balls because they want natural leather instead of synthetic. There is two reasons why we no longer make leather volleyballs.
    Firstly the FiVB since the start of 2005 no longer approves genuine leather balls.
    Secondly we do not use genuine leather because it is “natural” and being natural the quality of each piece of leather that is used for a panel on a volleyball is “imperfect”.
    “How is it imperfect?” I hear you ask… simple even in human skin (and leather is cowhide or cow skin) we have “thin” areas and “thick” areas, thereby making a panel of genuine leather very very uneven, whereas with Synthetic leather this problem is totally done away with.
    Using Synthetic leather also increases grip.
    We at Mikasa Sports Australia are proud to represent Mikasa in Australia due to the inovation that Mikasa has done even in recent times alone.
    2000 Sydney Olympics the first coloured international volleyball
    2004 Greek Olympics the first synthetic coloured international volleyball
    2008 Beijing Olynpics the first and only eight panel coloured dimpled volleyball
    So you see we try our very best for volleyballers throughout the world and this Kids Volleyball is only our latest and by no means our last inovation for sport of volleyball, wait till you see what is also coming next year…. !!

    Neil Cocks
    Managing Director
    Mikasa Sports Australia
    (ex player, coach and referee of volleyball)

  2. Pro volleyball player said

    Don’t have time to read neils comment. However, would just like to say that every mikasa ball should be placed in a garbage disposal unit. The new mikasa ball (MVA 200) is the worst volleyball I have ever played with!

    • whosin said

      and for the +ve – i love it and love the look of it in the air. Does remind me though of a golf ball with all those dimples!
      I do wonder what else is going to happen to slow the game of volleyball down in terms of balls though – lowe pressure, bigger balls?

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