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Aussie women’s team for Asians

Posted by devo on August 28, 2009

vta2009 Asian Senior Women’s Team (pictures)

  • 1 Holmes, Fleur WA
  • 2 Brammer, Rachelle WA
  • 3 West, Tara WA
  • 4 Maycock, Anna SA
  • 5 Ross, Hannah SA
  • 7 Morgan, Rowena NSW
  • 10 Bertolacci, Lauren VIC
  • 13 Carey, Beth SA
  • 14 Bates, Louise VIC
  • 15 Stott, Danielle VIC
  • 16 Watt, Rhiannon VIC
  • 18 Borcic, Neira VIC
  • HC Fielding, Amanda QLD
  • AC Manser, Pauline WA
  • Trn Pham, Nam NSW
  • Chiro Chris Wallman WA

The team will be blogging the same as they did the last trip and hopefully they can get more game footage up there as well – all internet dependent.

The Aussie girls are in Pool A – the first round:

  • AUS v VIE 7pm 5/9/9
  • AUS v SRI 10am 6/9/9
  • AUS v IRI 12noon 7/9/9

25 Responses to “Aussie women’s team for Asians”

  1. Setting Fan said

    I’m not against the idea, but are there 4 setters in that team? On the other hand, setters are always the smartest and best players, so that makes sense.

    • Robbo said

      anyone have a can-opener for this container of worms? :P I always thought Middles were the smartest players…. ;)

      • Alan Cahill said

        You are right Robbo Middle Blockers were once the smartest players on the court. One day William G Morgan figured he needed Setters to create the play and, just as importantly, ensure the Middle Blockers rotated correctly and not wander aimlessly around the court wondering what to do next!

    • devo said

      Definitely, positively absolutely – setters are the smartest players. Anyone who disagrees with me aint being set all match!

  2. whosin said

    yeah interesting point Setting Fan, although on paper, i really like the look of this team.

  3. devo said

    Okay guys – fun over – let’s not have another night of the long socks.

    If you were Amanda Fielding, who would be your starting 6?

  4. Sally B said

    Alright i will have a shot – looking at the players that they have and taking in to account you dont have too many outside hitting options – my starting line up would be as follows:

    Maycock / Borcic / Brammer
    Stott / West / Holmes

    Libero: Morgan


    Bates / Holmes
    Ross / Stott
    Carey / Borcic
    Bertolacci / Holmes or Maycock
    Watt / West

    • Sally B said

      PS I would have selected a back court passing / defensive sub on the team instead of a 4th setter – A certain NSW player springs to mind that seemed to feature in the previous tour quite alot…

    • Sunrise said

      No sub for brammer ?

      • Sally B said

        I am sure that one of the 5 remaining players could easily sub for Brammer – I was just looking at the fact that she is really the only designated outside on the team and if she plays well then she will hold that spot – If the team comprised of players such as Rachel Rourke and Jess Peacock then I am sure that they would push Brammer for her position…

        Of course things always change when away – Players get injured or sick and the structure of a team will always make way to those who are healthy enough to be on court..good luck girls – i believe you are flying out on Wednesday…

  5. Eldo said

    I would have gone for 1 more passer/hitter and 1 less setter.
    Maycock and Holmes can do the job, and they both come from a great school.

    • beentheredonethat said

      Agreed Maycock and Holmes came from a great school. Shame that school didn’t show up to support the girls during their SA AVL round. P.S. you should know then from experience that Anna could possibly be one of the top 3 passer hitters in Australia at this point in time.

      • Eldo said

        You may be mistaken “beentheredone” that, Pretty sure Fleur was playing for WA, not SA. She certainly was in a WA uniform the Friday before the round when the WA team trained there on the Friday before the round. We introduced her and the WA team to some of our kids at school.

  6. can we put pauline manser on the court?

  7. Brian Kempe said

    In response to Beentheredone that – the school provided the venue – possibly the best, or at least one of the best playing venues in Australia. The SA team was run and administered by VSA in conjunction with support from SASI (state based since the demise of a dual gender AVL in 2006)and there were a lot of parents who catered etc and quite a number of local and other volleyball supporters who attended that weekend, me included. In fact I ended up doing lines for a game I was going to watch. Feedback here after the event was that it went well. Granted there werent the 200 Heathfield High School volleyball program kids there all at the same time – but was it reasonable to expect they would be? Other than perhaps Qld for mens AVL last year, generally no other state comes close to generating the crowds SA does for these types of events. Our senior teams have often played in front of a dog and cat only when interstate and on one occasion in the back corner of a stadium almost as though it wasnt anything special. Not sure where you are from, but would like to think you are already delivering 600 plus crowds over a weekend for AVL, with a feature match on a Friday or Saturday at least attracting 250-300?
    And Holmes and Maycock did come from a great school, and great families and are still giving to volleyball and they are a pleasure to know and watch play.

  8. Yankee Boy said

    Brian, there is no doubt that the events run in SA are generally a step above what you will see anywhere else. However if you turn up to watch an AVL match and then end up doing lines I have to wonder just how well organised it really is.
    This is the thing that gets me a little when we have discussions about why we are not growing/getting more exposure, as a sport. You turn up to watch the premier womens volleyball league in Australia and you end up doing a line? No criticism of you for helping out but (credit for doing something you would probably rather not be doing) just pointing out little things that keep our sport where it is.

    • Tooth Fairy said

      What is wrong with doing lines? It is the best seat in the house! (OK. I know you are not sitting!) I did the lines at the Mt Lofty vs Heidelberg match at the SA Open and it was fantastic.

      • I did lines for a UTS v USC Lion AVL match a few yrs back. had nothing to do with crowd sizes why i got picked! crowd size was good!

        • Yankee Boy said

          Nothing wrong with doing lines? Great place to see the match. However if you turn up to spectate and then do lines I can’t really see the good thing about that.

          Please spell AMATEUR SPORT out loud 10 times.

  9. Brian Kempe said

    Focus of this blog has shifted to me doing lines away from the guts of my comments. Other than that one incident the weekend went off particularly well. Have you never had a person not turn up to do lines at some match somewhere? Be surprised if you havent?
    I did turn up to watch, but such is the commradarie and loyalty to volleyball here, I was happy to help out! Cant guarantee the standard of the calls was the best seen (?!), but we got by and I think only one player half yelled at me. And that has never happened to a linesperson before either has it?
    Im still interested in Beentheredonethat’s comments.

    • Murph said

      Brian I think you did the line for me because my car died and I had to run to Lofty…I THINK that was the case we’re talking about anyway.

      The fact of the matter is that Lofty and Heathfield and VSA supported the girls extremely well and ran a wonderful event. Kudos to all the players (both on court and off), staff and unthanked folk who got it all together.

  10. Brian Kempe said

    And it is a good place to watch from – close to the action, sweat, etc and you do concentrate on every little thing – have to!

  11. Lofty said

    Good luck to the team while they are away. We’ll miss you Annie but have a great trip!

  12. Beentheredonethat said

    I was rather enjoying the dialogue. Looks like everyone was, how did you put it Eldo, ‘sucked in’. Nothing like a little bit of intellectual discourse to spice up an otherwise normal week.

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