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Why aren't more women coaching?

Posted by devo on August 26, 2009

I didn’t pay much attention to Women’s State League (in SA) until my beleagured club ran out of coaches and I had to fill in for the last few games of our women’s league team. With my predecessor (a retired women’s player) leaving, all six teams in our league were coached by men.

At last year’s Olympics, Jenny Lang Ping was the only female coach in the women’s indoor competition. It’s great seeing people like Pauline Manser, Laurel Wentworth, Sally Bacon, Amanda Fielding etc still coaching, but are we lacking female representation in volleyball coaching?

3 Responses to “Why aren't more women coaching?”

  1. Alexis said

    And Jenny was replaced for this Quad by a male (albeit a male with impeccable credentials).

  2. markleb said

    Women are too smart to become coaches. You have to be crazy…

  3. trying to be volley coach said

    Maybe they are smart enough to look at the price it is for a coaching course by volley Australia for level one and decide to go on an inter state holiday insted!

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