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SSA under 16’s final positions

Posted by devo on August 23, 2009

National Under 16 Volleyball Championships 2009

See all the results at the SSA site ~ Thanks to Stuart Scott, the Honorary Australian School Teams lists and the Australian Representatives lists have also been updated on the sport info page at SSA.

Boys 1st: VIC, 2nd: SA, 3rd: QLD, 4th: WA, 5th: ACT, 6th: NSW

Girls 1st: QLD, 2nd: SA, 3rd: VIC, 4th: ACT, 5th: WA, 6th: NSW

Our corresspondent reports it was a great competition this year, particularly a very even girls’ comp with anyone able to beat anyone else as shown by NSW’s only win which was against the Vics.  The stand outs for the girls were Georgie Rowe SA, Alex Sneddon ACT and Madeleine Clarke of QLD: all wore the number 8!  The top boys were all fairly even.

Queensland girls starved Georgie by serving tough and as usual came good by the end of the week.  Vic boys played their best in the final, doing the normal rowdy Vic stuff, keeping their energy up and attacking hard whenever possible.  Both finals were great games.

Best Referee 2009 – Rachel Quill – QLD

SSA All Star Teams 2009

Girls Under 16

Boys Under 16


Madeleine Clarke QLD


Christopher Brown



Georgia Clayden ACT


Peter Chant



Clarice Eaton WA


Luke Christiana



Ella Heaney VIC


Matthew Costanzo



Hannah Lowrie SA


Amandeep Dhaliwal



Kathryn Moloney QLD


Mitchell Howie



Jessyka Ngauamo QLD


Brandon Long



Rhiannon Pendleton VIC


Thomas Menzies



Rebecca Reeve SA


Brad Millers



Laura Roberts VIC


Matthew Richards



Georgie Rowe SA


Samuel Walker



Alex Sneddon ACT


Adam Winter


40 Responses to “SSA under 16’s final positions”

  1. David said

    Congratulations to all concerned. I hear it was a very competitive and exciting championship.

  2. Liam Mackin said

    yeahhhh vics

  3. Steve said

    What the hell has happened to NSW volleyball????

  4. Murph said

    Steve, it might be a case of ‘when did ACT start doing well again?’ rather than what happened to NSW.

    • Steve said

      No, I was definitely querying what happended to NSW …

      • WiG said

        The same thing that has been happening in NSW for the last 6 years

      • mickmurphy said

        It still might be a case of ‘ACT’ was better than NSW, Steve. As tough as that might be to deal with.

        • Steve said

          I am from Victoria, so don’t really have difficulty “dealing” with the performance of teams from either state/territory.

          I was simply hoping to get some insight into the factors that might have led to our largest state finishing last in both the boys and girls competitions. It has nothing to do with the relative performance of ACT at all, and I don’t recall referencing ACT in my initial post or ACT being referenced in any of the posts before mine.

          It is amazing how often referees jump to incorrect conclusions!

          • mickmurphy said

            I find this very amusing…!

            At the end of the day, the amazing thing is that you have come to the wrong conclusion about my post, but that’s ok, because on the interwebz these things can be hard to tell.

            Good luck with finding your answer, Steve.

  5. Hugh said

    i think it might be because of the high rate of world class volleyball coaches per capita living in ACT.

  6. Chiefnic said

    I believe it is the structure that VACT, Canberra Heat and very small number of dedicated individuals have put together that has helped ACT: start to do well again.

  7. Iremember said

    I remember when ACT used to win medals at National Juniors, National Seniors and National League. If you look at the last names of many of the new breed of volleyballers in ACT they look awefully familiar. Borgeaud, Clayden ( nee Budd), Sneddon ( nee Cox), Power, Neidermeier ( nee Bird)….so all the kids of previous Australian rep. players are now at that age where they are playing. Yep…there are a small group of dedicated people making it all happen and also bringing other kids in for the ride…they are called parents ( and as a force parents can outperform any state association when it comes to drive and organisation).

  8. Nic said

    Who was taking official photos at the event? anyone know?

  9. Eldo said

    Phil Borgeau has taken kids to the Under 15’s the last 2 years.
    A way over qualified coach who likes kids, kids who want to learn and play tournaments – of course ACT teams will perform better.

    Scary thing is that some of these kids are very young and they can already play.

    They could win under 15’s next year and 16’s the year after.

    Goes to show that you don’t need a lot to make a big difference to volleyball at a junior level. Just passion and time.

  10. Caveman said

    What the hell is wrong with “long Socks”?
    They were not worn as a fashion statement !
    They do several things … 1. they held the kneepads in place.
    2. They warmed up the muscles in your legs.
    3. Yes… they looked good!!

    As Marleb said … “a total look”

    When I played I always wore long socks … especially in winter !

    • Eldo said

      Why doesn’t that suprise me?

    • Anon said

      I’m with phil on this one. As a skinny man I’ll do whatever I can do to keep my legs warm during winter, it’s definitely a matter of practicality before fashion for me.

  11. Brian K said

    Who cares about the look, if it makes them play better volleyball then go for it – so long as its not regarded as performance enhancing! (God forbid?)
    I do know what you mean tho – but just remember looks aint everything. Walk away with the gold medal and no one will talk about the socks – well probably not anyway!

  12. Phill DeSalvo said

    I have always liked the long socks. Esp when you have to train on a cold day or at 6am in the morning because of one simple point, “ITS WARMER!” Don’t really care what they look like. But just to have a go at a young team because they are matching their uniforms is just poor form. Let them have a crack without someone cutting them down. Remember there is always a bigger fish in the pond and I can think of a lot of bigger fish then you Steve. Unless your real name is Giba and you come from Brazil, who gives you the right to call on what is and isn’t volley fashion anyway?

    • Murph said

      That was one amazing mo’ from Giba…

      • i remember playing uni-games, and in our (University of SA) final against Melbourne uni, they all warmed up in fake mo’s (Craig “Slugger” Watson and Ben Loft were on the team. surreal).

        Apparently an SA U19 mens team played their last game at nationals all wearing g-strings. There was a “wardrobe malfunction” i think. They were the second team and had lost a lot of matches. i think all this contributed to SA not trying to bring over 12 teams every year.

  13. markleb said

    The ‘look’ I referred to above was certainly not a good one. I’m not sure how our coach brainwashed us that it was. We also failed the cardinal test in that we were also not actually good at playing volleyball. Giba is the only person (one earth, I think) who can get away with that mo and when the French team do weird things with their hair (colours, mohawks etc) they only do it AFTER they’ve won a big match.

  14. Jase said

    I find it interesting that NSW teams of all ages have pretty much all been wearing long socks for a couple of years now, even at U21 levels, and this has only come up now with the U16’s. It’s sort of become NSW’s thing and now expected. More worrying was the QLD guys who warmed up in tradie belts and pirate hats (the pirate hat kid even got in all star and went up to accept his trophy wearing it). I’d rather have kids in long socks than pirate hats personally.

  15. Phill DeSalvo said

    The king?? Maybe I was wrong. You could call the fashion. But didn’t you also once wear long socks?

  16. devo said

    It amazes me sometimes which topics get the most air here on devo’s! Yes, I know; I am as guilty as anyone else. But long socks?

  17. devo said

    I am turning off the comments on this post. I can’t take it anymore.

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