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Train like you run a restaurant

Posted by devo on August 19, 2009

It wasn’t until last year when I heard Mark Lebedew speak about “Practice” that I fully appreciated just how important it was.

Last year I decided to stop insisting on players turning up to trainings and instead focus on making them as good as they could be. If training is good, word-of-mouth and the social pressure of the team will get people to turn up – which is far more effective than any influence the coach can put on the team.

Reason being is I think the reason why people don’t turn up to training is no different to why they don’t go to restaurants – the product and service is crap. And like restaurants, they won’t tell you it’s crap but just vote with their feet and not turn up – especially if they’re Gen Y’s.

I see bad trainings everywhere. Thoughtless exercises, “lazy” drills, and lack of participation and engagement.

If training is bad, players will make every excuse not to turn up. Make it good and they’ll move heaven and earth to get there through sickness, work and studies.

One Response to “Train like you run a restaurant”

  1. Eldo said

    Got it in 1.
    As daft as it sounds Steve Tutton at SASI years ago stuffed up most club trainings.
    The guys attending Steve’s trainings got so much from the SASI trainings that just an ordinary club training was close to a waste of time in comparison and they voted with their feet.

    Although this was tough on the club coaches it was a reality for the players.

    Some players are now too scared to give coaching a go.

    Of course the multitude of coach development opportunities (not)we have been presented with by us as a sport is also a significant factor.

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