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Phongy at World Juniors

Posted by devo on August 5, 2009

Check out the Australian Volleyball Referees’ Commission on Facebook to see some pictures of Phong reffing at the World Juniors.

PS: Sorry, I’m a retired English teacher. Can someone fix the possessive apostrophe in that heading on Facebook It should be plural; not singular! Yes, okay. I’m a pedant!

5 Responses to “Phongy at World Juniors”

  1. Paterico said

    too bad they’re only thumbnails

    • devo said

      Agree – but beggars can’t be choosers. And I’m keen for all volleyballers in Oz to get credit for their achievements.

      • Dad said


        and you have to remember that Phongy is so ‘small but perfectly formed’, that a thumbnail is all that you need!

        • devo said

          Thanks Dad

          I’ve picked myself up from the floor and regained my composure …

          But yes, you can’t fault Phongy.

  2. Aden said

    Did you call anyone for out of rotation Phongy?

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