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Streaming Update

Posted by devo on August 1, 2009

oz-volleyball tvI watched as Robbo tested some live volleyball streaming from the State Volleyball Centre at Dandenong this morning. Today he was hooked up to the network, rather than running the stream through a wireless card – no jittering. There was slight ghosting of the image, but the actual play was smooth as.

Robbo is putting together final arrangements to stream the display match between University Blues and the Chinese Tian Jin Polytechnic University next Saturday, August 8 at 7.00pm. The broadcast will include commentary and special guest commentators. More details as we get closer to the event.

Robbo has set up an OZ Volleyball channel on Ustream. A place to collect together video of Aussie Volleyball. Devo is excited. Well done Robbo!

4 Responses to “Streaming Update”

  1. Big Ren said

    Robbo doing an amazing job for volleyball in victoria and Australia…. to thumbs up from Big Ren mate thats for sure. Maybe in return will come back and play a few games for ya lol

  2. Robbo said

    Cheers Renson, although i’m doubting you will be back anytime soon ;) i hear you’re living it up over there.
    Got commentators and some interviews before and during the game lined up. Might even show some highlights footage from some of the games during the week. We’re really looking forward to the night now!

  3. chiefnic said

    Great work Robbo, also should to be able to hook up to some permanent cameras for the VVL GF’s just asks Frosty about them.

  4. Great work Robbo!

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