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volleyball is different over here – Poland

Posted by markleb on July 31, 2009

I was lucky enough to get to a World League game in Poland a couple of weeks and thought some of the things I saw there were noteworthy, mostly what went on outside the gym.  As I was walking from my car to the stadium the feeling I had was that I had landed at some kind of festival.  There were souvenir stands everywhere, sausage sizzles, people set up in the car park with chairs eating and drinking, a beer garden and an actual concert stage.  The souvenir stands were selling volleyball souvenirs and everything to do with the national team, scarves, hats, replica shirts with all the players names etc etc.  And they were ALL bootleggers. People even make money here from volleyball

I don’t know where this fits into volleyball/netball/where did we go wrong discussion, but probably not in a good place.

beer garden

beer garden

concert stage

concert stage

souvenir stands

souvenir stands

5 Responses to “volleyball is different over here – Poland”

  1. devo said

    but probably not in a good place.

    Disagree with this comment mate. I just the love the noise, beer and food at a European volleyball match. Or should that just read I love the noise, beer and food in Europe?

    Sitting in a row of old guys, analysing the coaches every move with gusto, ;-)) sharing a beer must come as close to volleyball Nirvana as it gets. It sounds like the Poles have taken it one step further. I’ll have to add Poland to the next intinerary.

    • Schachty said

      Devo you may have taken Marks comment the wrong way. I read it as… we cant get more than friends and relatives to most games in Oz and in Poland they are selling non official merchandise to the public who are coming in their thousands to watch. Great place for Polish volleyball to be….not a good place for us.

      Unless I have totally misread your comment or the level of Marks sarcastic wit has gone beyond me (doubt it as was exposed/scarred to it early in my volleyball days :) )
      If so apologies to all for the total misread.

      • devo said

        Thanks Schachty,
        ALWAYS assume that Mark’s tongue is firmly in the side of his mouth. Really frightens me when he smiles!Then I have no idea whether he is being serious or not.

  2. markleb said

    I better clarify myself…
    Devo sorry, you got it completely wrong.
    Schachty sorry that I scarred you so badly. In this case I wasn’t being sarcastic.
    Poland (and I presume Brazil) is the best place to watch volleyball. Italy is Italy but Poland is something else altogether which I think I’ve written about at other times.
    In the last line I was referencing the post ‘angry and frustrated’ which compared volleyball with basketball and netball in Australia and volleyball was coming out in a negative light. My point was that if we reference volleyball in Australia with volleyball in other countries it would take the CONVERSATION to a bad place. One that made Australian volleyball look even worse.
    Sorry about that…

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