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Rally Point v’s Retro

Posted by Mt Lofty Volleyball Club on July 29, 2009

We have had the kids playing “serve to win a point” Volleyball at school this week. The kids love it. They love the fact that you can be 8 – 1 down and you can still win the set.

I think it is easier to coach kids to play this way as it nicely explains some important aspects of the game. If you put aside the 5 hour matches and playing for 20 minutes and the score is still 3 all (Aust v Canada 1986), it is still a great way to play volleyball.

The loss of the 15 – 0 “pants down” matches at ASC in Canberra is a sad loss. I once saw a team from ?????? who were done 15 – 0 by ??????? drop their dacks with absolute class to waddle one lap of the court with their shorts around their ankles. The crowd loved it. It was fun and if you can believe it was done “classy”. The captain said “drop them” and they did. Today you would have red and yellow cards and outrage. If anybody out there can remember this add a comment. It is still a great smiley memory of mine. And, no, it is perhpas not a tradition that need to be brought back. Although 25 – 0 should have some sort of ramification.

4 Responses to “Rally Point v’s Retro”

  1. Yeah, big fan of “serve point” volleyball. played it for years until last year up at magill against Mark (Eldridge). I never went to ASVC when it was in canberra but from what i hear of it being a smaller event for tight-knit volleyball tragics and junkies, i’m not surprised that the “pants down” was done in good taste.

    Of less good taste was when Willunga did it a few years ago in Melbourne. I wasn’t coaching them at the time. They sent over an open girls team that was expected to do quite well who didn’t win a match. having lost their last match they did the pants down. I thought it was a bit inappropriate when i heard it, but one of the players is now one of our coaches and doesn’t seem to think much of it.

    I know it’s not workable, but i’d love to see serve-point-scoring come back. and “skins” events.

    I think rally-point can be a bit discouraging for kids. with the nature of the scoring system and volleyball, you can play a pretty good game and break even on points scored and errors. Serve point doesn’t make the errors cost as much.

  2. Murph said

    Why seek to play with the ‘old rules’…Surely time and effort is better spent adapting to what is going on right now. It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.

    I’ve heard some murmers of skins events lately. Perhaps SA Open could be run that way?

  3. Seeing as though i spend most of my spare time adapting to decisions i have absolutely no control over, I think there’s no harm in indulging in a bit of nostalgia and contemplation of how profound the changes can be when you change a rule here or there.

    You should have a hit out at Magill. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing. you might even like it.

  4. Murph said

    Been and done at Magill : ) I had as much fun there as anywhere else, so no complaints from me.

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