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Have your say in Victoria

Posted by devo on July 28, 2009

Volleyball Victoria is seeking the views of State League players in a survey. If you have not done the survey via a hard copy from your club, you can jump on line to complete the survey.

5 Responses to “Have your say in Victoria”

  1. Concerned said

    What is VVI’s agenda with this document ?????

    Can they make more money ????

  2. Caveman said

    Why is Victorian State League called “State League” ? There is only one team from outside Melbourne !
    Now second division is growing …and soon a THIRD DIVISION !
    The idea behind State league “originally” was to have the best of best teams playing ONLY !!!
    Nowadays any team can enter…. as “concerned” has said is this a grab for money by VVI ??

    • Jase said

      I agree that the Honours division of state league should be the best of the best,
      but then after that I think the more participants the better, even if it means having a division 3 or 4 or 5 on different nights,

      the more people involved the better exposure it will get, and VVI would have more funds to use to make it a bigger, better competition. From a marketing perspective, the more people and exposure the comp has, the easier it will be to get more and bigger sponsorships, hopefully decreasing fees and getting even more people involved. It’s a big positive circle, and if we want our sport to grow, particularly in Victoria, getting more people invoved is key.

      On a side note, with more participation in state league and therefore more VVI funds, they then may be able to reduce fees for the elite junior programs currently existing, and perhaps establish ones for older athletes (17+). I think its a big thing we are lacking in Victoria at the moment, having trained with the older squads at both the QAS and SASI. While I belive both these programs get Govt funding, a larger state league may allow VVI to establish a Victorian one, then get some results and hopefully future funding down the track.

      Basically my whole point is a larger state league in Victoria would be extremely positive (in my opinion) for volleyball in Victoria and therefore should be encouraged

  3. I’m not from Victoria, but we get these sorts of surveys too. Out of perverse voyeurism i decided to take a look:

    The fixed timeslots for honours is a good idea rather than having them all over the place. We try to spread it out here so no one gets stiffed with playing bad timeslots, but i think it makes it easier for high school and uni aged people to fit in work commitments. It’s easier to tell your boss “i can’t work afternoons” then say “well i can only work at this time this week, but the week after it’s different, unless the draw changes etc”.

    We introduced a 6pm timeslot here in the SA state league and it sucks balls. in fact my reserve women have to play one this Saturday it’s never something anyone looks forward to. especially the duty team. For anyone who want to “go out” after the game Marion Leisure Centre is 11 km from the city and not far from glenelg, but still seems like a hassle. i can only imagine how much more it would suck dutying a 6pm game on a saturday night out in Dandenong!

    If you guys have too many teams you should send some our way!

  4. Steve said

    If I was VVI I would let as many teams play state league as I could manage also … with the financial benefit to VVI being an important factor in that decision, but not the only one.

    1. Clearly the more team playing the better VVI is off financially. We should all want a financially strong representative body.

    2. VVI is (or at least was up until five years ago, I stand to be corrected if this has changed but doubt it) the only metropolitan volleyball body providing a non-social volleyball experience with untimed games. This is a competitive advantage when promoting the game to kids coming out of national juniors or schools cup who may consider what the associations provide to be hit and giggle volleyball.

    3. If we aren’t going to pursure the amalgamation of state league clubs with associations (i.e. teams representing associations play state league rather than stand alone clubs) then the best way to have strong clubs is to have big clubs. Bigger state league enables bigger state league clubs. If you look at the clubs that have folded over the last ten years, such as Upwey, Coburg, Ajax etc, all were single team clubs relying on too few people to keep going. If you want to keep out such teams, in some ways I would be ok with this, instead advise the entire group seeking to play to link up with an existing club.

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