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Posted by devo on July 26, 2009

The Western Australian Pearls have won the Women’s Australian Volleyball League for 2009, defeating the Uni Blues 3:1 (27:25, 25:23, 8:25, 25:23)

  1. Western Australia Pearls
  2. Victorian University Blues
  3. Volleyball South Australia

You can check out all the action over at Volleyball Australia’s AVL page. Also check out this German fan’s view. (translated)

Finals Successfully Streamed

And the game was also streamed live, thanks to the efforts of Robbo and Chau. You can still catch all the action from both medal games at ustream ~ I would love to hear any comments on the quality of the stream, and ways that it could be improved. Robbo is already talking of adding a commentary to his next effort.

7 Responses to “WA win WAVL”

  1. Robbo said

    Thanks to all who were watching for their comments. Im really happy that i could be involved in starting something!

    Next show on the agenda is the Vic Schools Cup tournament in 2 weeks. And yes i have at least 1 commentator lined up. Any ideas of a co-host? :P

  2. Ross said

    Good to be able to watch the game from Bangkok. Had a number of International coaches who were able to watch it with us.

  3. I watched the bronze medal game from home, then attended for the Grand Final. I really enjoyed the footage. It would be great if we could get a faster connection to made the footage smooth, however it was still awesome. Great work Robbo & others.

    • devo said

      Talking to Robbo, it would be possible to get a better quality image on the wireless connection. It is a payoff between quality and cost of megs.
      And thanks for the original suggestion of ustream Jase. It does a great job – especially love the abilty to communicate.

    • Robbo said

      Yeah i agree Jase, smoother picture would be great, but as Devo said, it was run off a wireless dongle so speed was a bit of an issue, then there was the upload usage racking up over the game. But as many of the people watching said, the speed/quality of the wireless connection was much better than expected.
      Thanks for the suggestion too Jase on using UStream!
      I’ve been in discussions with VV about a dedicated LAN connection and its definitely a possibility (oxymoron? :P )

      • devo said

        Mmmmm, remove the definate. it either is, or it isn’t. Us retired English teachers can’t help ourselves!

        • Robbo said

          Haha, I’m an Engineer…. English is not really a strong attribute we have :P
          Ok, it’s a possibility ;)

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