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Aussies vs Canada

Posted by devo on July 22, 2009

vtamUPDATE 2: Don’t forget to tune in to the Australia vs Canada match which will be streamed live on the web. The first of 3 games will be played in Ottawa today  –  Tuesday at 7pm. That’s about 9am on Wednesday AEST.

The direct link is – a windows media file.

Australia def Canada 3-1 (19-25, 25-21, 25-15, 25-20)  ~ Commentators gave “Old Man” Nathan Roberts the Aussie player of the match. The second match will be streamed at the same time tomorrow.

UPDATE: The VTAM match report is on the Volleyball Australia site

14 Responses to “Aussies vs Canada”

  1. Whosin said

    seems like a pretty good game so far…. our blocking is good, just have to get some more stuffs. Score 16:14 2nd TTO.

  2. mickmurphy said

    So…How’d we go against Canada? I read we did ok against Denmark…

  3. mickmurphy said

    Nawww too late Devo…

    It’s been there all day, then you mention it and its gone!!


  4. devo said

    It’s still there – cache? – I’ve got a copy!

  5. stan said

    I can’t find today’s stream!!!!!

  6. a queenslander said

    it’s the one above:

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