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Who’s who?

Posted by devo on July 19, 2009

We posted recently that Simon Naismith had taken on Jenny Becker’s role at Volleyball Australia.

Did I miss the announcement at Volleyball Australia? I’ve been told that Staff at SASI were told two weeks ago that Steve Tutton was leaving his SASI Program Manager role immediately and taking up his “new” role as Head Coach of the AIS Beach Program. who’s who @ volleyball Australia

2 Responses to “Who’s who?”

  1. David said

    Spoke to Steve yesterday. Has just completed his 2nd week as the beach head coach.
    Like you Devo I would have thought that would have had a bit of news in it.

  2. mickmurphy said

    I think I saw the announcement…Or I was told by someone…Either way…Its been out there.

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