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Posted by markleb on July 8, 2009

world uni logo vbThe Universiade volleyball competition began overnight in Serbia.  The Australian team started with a 2-3 loss to the UAE.  Top scorers for Australia were Andrew McLean with 21 points and Steve Wallace with 18 points.

The competition continues today with Australia up against Czech Republic who beat Germany 3-2 in their first match.  Poland and Hong Kong make up the 6 team Pool D.

If you go through the team lists, you might find a familiar name playing for Canada, Stelio DeRocco’s son Michael.

The daily bulletins can be found here.  Daily results here

Originally posted July 3
update 1: AUS lost to Czech Republic 0-3 (20,18,18) – Maclean 10 pts
update 2: AUS lost to Germany 0-3 (19, 21, 18) – Wallace 14pts
update 3: AUS lost to Poland 0-3 (15, 12, 17) – Maclean 14 pts
update 4: AUS def Hong Kong 3-1 (23, -19, 12, 21) – Maclean 23, Todd 15

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  1. Graeme said

    Another good site with match stats is

  2. Graeme said

    AUS lost to Czech Republic 0-3 (20,18,18)

  3. markleb said

    0 3 v Germany

  4. VP said

    I think the AVF did a very poor job advertising the event!
    The good thing with possesing a national team with such a large amount of younger players
    is that we should have a large selection pool and the AIS should have let their players go to uni games rather than on a pointless tour of second rate teams!
    Winning university games should have been a top priority with the quality of eligible players!
    this was the exact tournament to confirm that we have some of the best younger players in the world

    • KJ said

      Wrong VP! I have heard from some of the boys from the AIS that they were allowed to go to Uni Games but the players couldn’t afford the $6 000+ fee and besides the team for World Uni games would surely be different to the National Team.

      Also according to the reports on the tour matches the National Team had never beaten Denmark in a series before, no matter who was playing, so to call Denmark 2nd rate could be a bit tough on some former teams and players as well. Great Britain seem to be doing alright in the European League and have clearly improved.

      It seems to be the (un)Australian way to knock people/ teams even when they do well.

      You were right about one thing. Maybe the AVF could have done a better job on advertising the event.

  5. nathan said

    I agree that maybe some of the guys at the AIS who are not needed for national team duties at this particular time should (maybe they did…i’m not sure) have the opportunity to play university games. It would be great for players not apart of the AIS program to play with these athletes, it would certinly be a good level competition for these athletes as well. We could then also play all our players in their correct positions! However the cost of going to university games is always going to be high, making it pretty difficult to get all of our best players there every time.
    I agree that maybe the planning for a university games needs to be started much earlier (in order to save money for the trip)and in a much better way so the maximum amount of athletes are aware of this fantastic opportunity to represent Australia.
    However at the very least it’s good to see we have sent a team this time around, so good luck to the boys and hopefully they can get some wins on the board in the next few days.

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