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Volleyball Vic seeks exec director

Posted by devo on July 4, 2009

Executive Director sort by Volleyball Victoria

Salary $80,000 to $100,000 pa Negotiable

Volleyball Victoria has some exciting expansion plans and is looking for an energetic and results driven person to grow the sport in Victoria. more

9 Responses to “Volleyball Vic seeks exec director”

  1. Batesy said

    …perhaps you should come out of retirement, Devo?

  2. Dinosaur said

    Pretty important for Vic Volleyball that this new person at the top is the right person. The sport needs some direction down here, someone to shake it up and make tough decisions….not just keep the status quo going-keeping everyone and existing clubs happy!

    It caught my eye that some person from an agency is the contact for applying for the position???? Are VV just letting some outside group make the decision?

    • whosin said

      i think generally what happens is that they do the short list and then that goes to the board to review… not sure though.
      What is surprising in my opinion is that there was no mention of building the relationship with the AVF…. i would have thought that would also be a key. Esp after the last stuff up with balls.

      • Caveman said

        Whosin what do you mean by “Esp after the last stuff up with balls” ?? As there were plenty of things that VVI has done as far as balls were concerned… 12 Mikasa Balls going missing towards the end of last years National Schools Cup and then found in VVI’s storeroom, the Molten sponsorship when everyone else including Tasmania went with Mikasa…to name only a few.
        And as far as the AVF is concerned I am waiting to see what the AVF will do now that Terry Jones is going regarding the “INS Program” ? As it was evidentally only Victoria and New South Wales that were holding it back.

        • edbinnie said

          Isn’t Steve Conroy still the President? Isn’t the rest of the board still the same? I think to change views on INS you would need to change the minds of the VVI board, not just change the CEO.
          And I’m not sure you could say that it were only Vic and NSW holding things back on INS. The last thing I heard on INS (back in late ’07, early ’08) the AVF were supposed to be coming out with a fully fledged, budgeted model, with detailed management structure (including naming active current employees) revised control structures to reflect the various differences in state procedures, and the late inclusion model, where states that do not originally agree to join the INS can do so at a later stage. As far as I am aware none of these have been addressed. This was discussed in June or July ’07, with delivery due in Jan ’08.

          • Caveman said

            Now that Steve Conroy is a “Govt.” minister I would love to know how many times he has been to “board meetings” since coming to Govt. ? I think that he is President in name only these days. I stand to be corrected though.

  3. Steve said

    I am not close enough to any of this to make specific comment, but keep in mind that the ED position still answers to a board of directors. Terry wouldn’t be the driver behind balls going missing, policy decisions etc. The ED role is responsible for implementing the policy the board decides on (as well as actively participating in the formation of that policy, but once set then its go time).

  4. Bob said

    Thank god for the change our wonderful game might be able to go in the right direction now! Good luck to whoever gets the position!

  5. Steve said

    By the way, how is this not prominent on the VVI website?? Presumably there would be people in the community capable and possibly interested in the gig?

    Not on the AVF site either.

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