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fly fishing, Kessel and McCutcheon

Posted by devo on July 2, 2009

I found this John Kessel blog on fly fishing and volleyball interesting.

A gym is a gym is a gym the world around – but when you get out on to a stream in the country or state you are helping, you see the real world. I have been fortunate to catch nature’s dumbest animal, the trout … in Australia, New Zealand (where 17 year old Hugh McCutcheon came up and said, “Mr. Kessel, I want to come to America and play volleyball, they said you can help me.” … back in the late 1980s) …

Thirty years ago, in Fly Fishing magazine (Aug 79), Dave Engerbretson wrote one of my favorite articles about teaching of all time, called “Parents, Kids & Fly Rods.” He sets several great “rules” for teaching youth, here is how he leads up to the first one.

And make sure you look at some of the other Kessel links in the right side column.

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