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Men’s AVL – 2009 Series

Posted by devo on June 25, 2009

AVLlogoSusan Diver-Tuck, Competitions and Events Manager at Volleyball Australia has circulated information on Men’s AVL. The 2009 Series format will remain the same as last year: a Grand Prix Format.

Susan notes that after consultation with all teams throughout the 2008 Series, it was clear to Volleyball Australia that the current Grand Prix format is not widely popular for the Men’s competition and that teams would like to hold discussions and have the ability to provide input into the future AVL format. This has not been possible for the 2009 series due to time constraints, but the process is underway for 2010. Formats are currently being costed out for teams in regards to travel costs, hosting commitments, etc, and once this information is completed it will be forwarded to Member States, National Team Coaches and staff, VA staff, as well as AVL teams/clubs for feedback and input.

AVL – Men’s Series 2009 Dates

  • 1 Brisbane, QLD 2nd – 4th Oct 2009
  • 2 Adelaide, SA 16th – 18th Oct 2009 (Sydney 2009 World Masters Games 10th – 18th Oct 2009)
  • 3 Canberra, ACT 30th Oct – 1st Nov 2009 (Volleyball Australia AGM and Annual Awards Dinner – Canberra)
  • 4 Perth, WA 13th – 15th Nov 2009
  • Finals: Melbourne, VIC 5th – 6th Dec 2009 (AVSC 6th – 11th Dec 2009)

The Entry Fee is $3,700 ($4070 including GST). An expression of interest form needs to be completed and returned to Volleyball Australia by Friday 24th July, if your team is interested in playing in the 2009 season. More info can be gained at Volleyball Australia

4 Responses to “Men’s AVL – 2009 Series”

  1. Alan said

    Can somebody at the AVF explain how we can consult teams during one season and not have the ability to change the next year due to “time constraints”.I would have thought that if the teams are not happy with the format we need to be flexible enough to act quickly to remedy the situation.Surely a full year is enough time to do that? Why consult if you are not going to act?Does the AVF need to have the “turning circle of the Titanic” when it comes to encouraging Teams to participate?

  2. Kris Loe said

    Alan, I see your point about ensuring proper consultation and the so-called “time constraints”. Given that it is now June 2009, if we wasted more time this year consulting and arguing the best format for 2009, there wouldn’t be a Mens AVL for us to play in or see. I remember something like that in 2007. So for the fact that I would want to play or watch, I would sooner accept whatever format this year is offered (better the devil I know at this stage)and use this time to seriously consider the possible formats outlined in the “2009 Series Outline” document.
    And at the moment…I’m curious about the Partial Home & Away Netball Style.
    Given that I now see more netball on TV than Hockey, and it can’t be just because of the girls, I want to know how it got the money and the bums on seats that I see.
    I feel the current Grand prix format is taxing on the individuals, physically and financially, and really requires more teams than what we really have out there.
    whatever the format for 2010, geography is against us.

  3. Nice Post. Just wanted to add that the deadline for World Masters registrations is very close – 5pm 31st July. Bring on the games!

  4. olib said

    what a supprise !!! they(avf) will never get it right. Im sick if hearing the same old story.Can we just accept the fact that mens avl will never meet its full potential..

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