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Libero rule – still fine tuning

Posted by devo on June 24, 2009

LogoFivbThe FIVB will test a new libero system during the World Grand Champions Cup to be held in November in Japan. The FIVB says that the rule that is currently in place is not the best solution for Volleyball, but that there was not enough time to correct the wording of it before it was released. Another meeting will be called next February to prepare a revised text for the Rules of the Game, taking into consideration all the input from the experience using the system in Japan.

Each team will have the option of having two liberos with no limits of substitutions among them, to allow coaches to have an alternate for each position. The plan is to allow teams to name up to 20 players on their O2 lists (preliminary rosters), with the number being cut to up to 14 players on the O2bis (the roster signed during the preliminary enquiry a day before the event). Each coach can chose to register only 12 players allowed to play each match (including two liberos, one libero or no libero at all), with 2 players sitting in the stands. more@FIVB

3 Responses to “Libero rule – still fine tuning”

  1. whosin said

    they are also trialling extra subs at the world uni games too. i think something similar to the 12 sub rule we use here for juniors…..

  2. Jeremyy said

    Does this mean that Australia will take away 2 libero’s for the tour? Or keep it like last with just 1 ?

  3. Alexis said

    I find the whole thing quite odd. Why don’t they just change to the 12 sub rule. That way you can completely specialise in every position (ie: so that no one ever gets to develop a game that enables them to stay on the court in the front and the back…..).

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