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Carroll honours continue

Posted by devo on June 18, 2009

carroll-spikeIn the July 2009 issue of Volleyball Magazine, Paul Carroll of the Pepperdine men’s volleyball team was named the publication’s National Player of the Year.

Carroll (Forster, Australia) had already been named National Player of the Year by the American Volleyball Coaches Association. He also earned the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation’s Player of the Year award and the MPSF Tournament MVP honor. more@Pepperdine

4 Responses to “Carroll honours continue”

  1. Robbo said

    great photo of the pope with a mikasa on page 4 :P

    second most popular sport in the world eh? Really?

    • devo said

      I’ve seen lots of these most popular sport claims. It depends on what you are measuring, but generally volleyball comes in the top 5 sports.

    • chiefnic said

      Volleyball (FIVB) is the biggest sport in the world in terms of Number of Affiliated National Federations (220) compared to Basketball (211) and Football (204).

      The FIVB has 33 million licensed athletes (can’t find comparison ATM), A yearly average TV audience of 5.4 billion viewers and is One of the top three global international sporting federations according to their website

      I have no doubts we can claim 2nd most popular sport in the world.

    • devo said

      Check these lists for suggestions:

      When looking at participation, China has nearly 19.7% of the world’s population. (So table tennis scores well) India comes second 17.2%(so cricket and hockey score well. The next country is the USA with only 4.3% of the world’s population. Any sport played in China and India with well over a third of the world’s population is going to be a winner. Both these countries play Volleyball!

      Are you measuring national associations, registered users, weekly users, casual users, fans who attend matches, tv audience … each will give a different result.

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