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Swine flu 2

Posted by devo on June 15, 2009

I have received an unconfirmed report that the Sports Commission have informed the AIS and VTAM that players traveling interstate for the second round of National team trials will not be allowed to attend due to the possibility of the Swine Flu.

Players such as Paul Sanderson, Cam Blewett and Steve Wallace have had their dream of playing for the national team put on hold.  This decision was made 2 days prior to the players departing for Canberra.  These three players all returned specifically to train and compete for a spot on VTAM.  Steve from Sweden, Cam and Paul from Canada.  Not only has this impacted on their volleyball ambitions, but also on their wallets, taking into consideration the cost for flights home.

The returning VTAM players that are currently traveling will have a week of quarantine when they return to the AIS. ~ see also

4 Responses to “Swine flu 2”

  1. Robbo said

    Yeah i heard this early last week. Such a frustrating thing to happen for them. I know that they probably would have stayed overseas if they had known this earlier…

    This whole Swine Flu issue is such a beat-up… bloody media has turned it into a pandemic… The regular flu is more dangerous.

  2. michael said

    This is absolutely rediculous… some one needs to get a clue. There is always a new flu popping up and people die from it. It attacks the elderly and the young who have not yet been through some of these harder strains of flu. Avian flu was the same big thing; now it’s swine flue. Does anyone know if these same exclusions happened because of avian flu which I believe claimed more lives? I agree with Robbo in a sense that the media has totally blown this thing out of proportion. I guess nothing sells better than doom and gloom.

  3. Jase said

    It will be interesting to see whether these guys get the chance to trial later,

    I know Sando was pretty devasted, as robbo said he came back purely to trial with the senior guys. Talking to his Mum on saturday she was saying that if he hadnt been trialling he would have stayed in Canada to work with Luke Reynolds whos still over there. Quite a few months of full time work, and therefore quite a bit of money, he passed up for the opportunity to trial to represent his country.

    I just hope this doesnt completely ruin their chances, because I know they have all worked bloody hard for the opportunity.

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