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Aussies 1-0 vs Sweden

Posted by devo on June 13, 2009

Sweden lost to Australia 1 – 3 (28-26, 20-25, 22-25, 24-26)
vtamBest players Sweden: Linus Tholse 24, Jimmie Ivarsson 16
Best players Australia: Paul Carroll 26, Igor Yudin 12
Game statistics ~ more@volleyball Sweden

Assistant coach Andrew Strugnell felt that they did a good pickup in the match after losing the first set. A nice gain and a completely ok game with a few mistakes too much on their side.

Federation Johan Isacsson was satisfied with the operation after the match and thought that the first match bodes well for the upcoming fighting against Australia, but also for all young guys who came in and delivered.

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  1. Johnny said

    Well done guys! Good result

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