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devo in the press

Posted by devo on June 6, 2009

sa pressOkay, you have to read the article closely, and you have to put one and one together, but it’s there! (click picture to enlarge)

Thanks to Huy for the heads up.

Keep your eyes on Devo and Huy’s later this afternoon to see just what coverage we are able to give the Heidelberg vs Mt Lofty match. At this stage it looks like a delayed broadcast. More later.

7 Responses to “devo in the press”

  1. Hops said

    is that net regulation height? haha

  2. Hops said

    haha that guy standing there watching must be huge then!!

  3. luke said

    nothing better than getting a photo taken whilst hitting on a girls net!

  4. Murph said

    Ball cart is as high as the net…

    Do THAT math Eldo!

    • Eldo said


      You have been to Heathfield and you know we have the biggest ball carts in Australia.
      They are huge. 200 ball fit into each and every cart.

      By the way do you know the only other action shots of volleyball in SA and I suggest at least Victoria and NSW (and there have been only 3 all year) are of the Adelaide Crows playing volleyball (with an Elson Volley volleyball)

      I think we should be saying thankS Andrew (VSA) for organising the article, Thanks Eldo for the text, and thanks guys for making the special trip to Lofty for the Advertiser camera man. By the way Josh has a fair hop with or without a net.
      Now when Devo and I played………………………

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