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Swine Flu to destroy Vic Hopes?

Posted by devo on June 5, 2009

AJVC_2009The swine flu is freaking many people out. Queensland brought out a restriction yesterday that ALL VICTORIAN STUDENTS who are visitors to Queensland MUST have one week of quarantine before going “outside” i.e. anywhere outside where they are residing (billet or hotel). Volleyball Australia have brought out their proceedures for preventing the spread of Swine Flu at events. Hopefully this is all sorted before the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships!  Otherwise, Vics may not win the President’s Trophy! (I give no credence to the rumour that Volleyball Queensland introduced the Swine Flu to Victoria!) Thanks to correspondent L for the heads up.

And in Japan: The explosive growth in the western Japanese province of Hyogo ken, which along with neighbouring Osaka account for 98% of Japan’s swine flu cases, followed a volleyball tournament in which some of the players and fans had the disease (Japan Times).

One Response to “Swine Flu to destroy Vic Hopes?”

  1. Big Ren said

    Talk about panic and being anal about an issue. Canada is merely a skip away from Mexico and it is relaxed about the Swine Flu. From all the stories i have heard from back home the government is throwing the country into a spin with terror. Bird Flu and SARS were exactly the same kind of panic.

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