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SA Open video update 2

Posted by devo on June 5, 2009

Last night, a bunch of tragics from 3 states attempted an Australian first: To stream a volleyball match live over the internet. Sadly, their noble attempts were foiled by archaic IT principles. This is their story

My experience in volleyball has told me that if you put three tragics in a room they would struggle to even agree on the colour of an orange.

Which meant the idea from Vic volleyballer “Jason” on Devo’s blog to stream Saturday’s Mt. Lofty v Heidelberg blockbuster live on the internet with a free service must have been damn good for it to be met with such unanimity. I got prodded to read the discussion and thought it would be a great idea to be part of the first Australian volleyball match to be streamed live over the internet. read the rest @ Huy’s Volleyball Blog

15 Responses to “SA Open video update 2”

  1. Robbo said

    Nice write-up Huy,
    Unfortunate that you could not get it working. I’m still going to have a chat to certain people and see if anything can be set up at the Victorian Volleyball Centre. I will be a photographer at the Schools Cup competitions coming up through the rest of the year, and maybe i can work on setting up the live stream as part of my work… its such a great idea

  2. With Crazy John’s as the major sponsor Vollleyball Victoria should be able to sort out a fast enough mobile internet connection for every major volleyball event in Melbourne. This is actually a way which Crazy John’s could get some brand recognition for there sponsorship! I’d love to watch the ‘Crazy John’s Volleyball Channel’ on UStream or any of the online video streaming channels.

    • Robbo said

      great idea Jason

      I’m hoping to chat with them over the next week

    • Robbo said

      just need to work out what sort of upload bandwidth is used over say 2 hours of live streaming at different levels of quality..?

    • And if that falls through. Surely with Stephen Conroy (Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy) as the President of Volleyball Victoria he could get a Telstra NextG wireless card for us to use.

      If this interests anyone from Volleyball Victoria, however your not sure how to proceed I’m more than happy to lend a hand getting this off the ground.

  3. hugh29 said

    man. Victorians. always ahead of us!

  4. Paterico said

    Chau Le had real time stats last year from Taiwan. Even having a running score would be good.

    • devo said

      Chau is a legend! I have no doubt that he will be the first to “broadcast live” from OS. Vietnam perhaps?
      Patrico is my second favorite – though the Aussie women’s program is not far behind.
      I will retire when the Aussie men do an OS broadcast!

  5. Big Ren said

    Australia’s Mens Team vs Canada – 3 game series will be broadcasted online just to let everyone know. The stream is great quality and has commentary also. Something to strive for like you are all doing a great job of now.
    Here is the site.

    Cheers Ren

  6. Murph said

    Decent volleyball out today…

    If Heidelberg are the best in Vic, then SA > Vic by a long way!

  7. Volleyball Athlete said

    Will the match be broadcast? Or has it already been played?

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