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Now that’s an event

Posted by devo on June 4, 2009

And you thought that the Australian Volleyball Schools’ Cup was big!

The 25th annual Sunny Power Cup, the world’s largest youth Volleyball tournament and part of the FIVB’s Mass Volley activities will be held in Finland from June 4-7 and will feature 884 teams from 161 clubs – or more than 8,500 youngsters from 7 to 22 years old. Check out the courts set up! ~ more@fivb

2 Responses to “Now that’s an event”

  1. Yankee Boy said

    That’s not a knife, this is a knife!

    Lonestar Classic held in Austin Texas over 2 weekends had 1127 teams of girls only. Age ranges from U12 to U18. That FIVB tournament is small fry.

    It is certainly true, they do everything bigger in Texas.

    Now for the people that complain about VVI and how much money they make. The teams at this tournament are charged between $745 and $795 entry fee (3 day tournament) with a $100 surcharge if you submit your entry on paper as opposed to their preferred on-line method. They take just under $900,000 in entry fees alone. They also make buckets of money from the hotels as well as food and t-shirts.

  2. Robbo said

    whoa… looking at that photo, you’d hate to have bad weather for a week ;)

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