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SA Open video update

Posted by devo on June 3, 2009

logomtloftyHeidelbergLogoThere was a little testing done tonight on streaming for the night match at the South Australian Open. It was a great success, streaming to my computer here in Victoria. There will be some more testing tomorrow at Heathfield, and if all goes well, the SA guys will stream the match between Mt Lofty and Heidelberg.

Watch this space for updates and details of the link.

6 Responses to “SA Open video update”

  1. Jason said

    Great work guys!

  2. Murph said

    Fail :(

    DECS is the bane of my life again!

  3. Dinosaur said

    Devo has a poll on the side for who will win the match?

    Who’s travelling over for heidelberg? Full squad?

    Who’s fit and playing for Lofty? What/Who is their starters? Is Stu fit and in form?

    Let me know those answers and I’ll comfortably predict the result and add my choice to the poll!

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