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SA Open blockbuster.

Posted by devo on May 31, 2009

logomtloftyHeidelbergLogoOn the Saturday night of the SA Open the organisers are going to re configure the stadium and set up the grandstands and music system for the Mt Lofty men vs Heidelberg match. They have it programmed as a blockbuster. This will be a good chance to  judge the relative standards of the two state leagues. Heidelberg is the current co-league leaders here in Victoria.

The organisers are giving away 30 mini-volleyballs to the 1st 30 kids from their Spike Zone Mini Volleyball competition. There should be a full house on the night. For those who can’t make it next Saturday, you can hit the poll in the left hand column to voice your views on the winner.  Carn the Vics! (There’s that bias again)

33 Responses to “SA Open blockbuster.”

  1. Volleyball Athlete said

    Is there any chance that someone could put together a highlight video of this match for those who can not make it? And maybe put it on YouTube. It looks to be a great match, and it’d be great for others to be able to see it.

  2. devo said

    If someone can send me the files in one of these formats, I can put it up on devo’s: mov, wmv, avi, mpg, m4v

  3. Eldo said


    I will make a copy and send it to you on DVD.
    We will be playing the whole match on the large screen. The whole match in 5 seconds delay so the crowd can see some of the best bits again and again.

    This will be a great match and the kids cannot wait till Michael the Heidelberg teams arrive.

    The Under 16 boys and girls team have made it a team excursion thing.
    They finish their matches for the day then they will get a meal and return to see the blockbuster.

    Both the teams will have a sit down meal in the meeting room after the match with the Mt Lofty committee.

  4. Sam said

    any chance of posting the game up on the site for interstate folk like myself to see?

  5. Sam said

    woops sorry
    just read that the guy above said pretty much the same thing!

  6. Jason said

    Could that video stream be connected to ?

    I wonder how many people would be interested in watching the game live around australia and the world.

    • devo said

      I just had a quick look at this site. Looks interesting. Okay you volleyball / computer nerds in SA,make this happen.

    • devo said

      I’ve just watched a bit of ice hockey from Canada, and some rugby from the states. A bit stop start on my satelite system ;-( but should be fine on ADSL. Picture and sound were great.

      • Jason said

        I’ve watch a few live events and it’s been super smooth. Quite easy to setup if anyone over there has an internet connection at the game.

    • Robbo said

      great suggestion Jason.

      I’ll definitely try to organise this if there are any games in Victoria that people would like to see streamed.

      • Big Ren said

        Vic State League Final would be good mate, havent seen that kind of ball in a while

    • Robbo said

      good work boys, lets get this happening.

      I’ll be speaking to VVI about whether I can make a deal with them regarding network support at the state volleyball centre for any games of interest there (mainly the State League grand final. I’m sure there are parents who would want to see the State Schools and National Schools Cup finals too.

      Jason, what sort of upload usage are we looking at for a 2 hour live stream on ustream?

  7. Eldo said

    We will have a full house in the sports hall and international audience on the web site.

    At the school, we have good quality HHD cameras,tripods, dartfish, internet access and,

    Can somebody in SA help us out?
    We are rerady, willing but not able.
    How good would it be if we can do it.

    Headlines in the local rag sports pages to start off with I think.

    Free tea after and drinks If anybody can help us.

    • devo said

      C’mon guys, I can’t get over there. Someone get in contact with Eldo and make this happen. Then there will be no excuse for Volleyball Australia not to broadcast any international, AVL … game again.

      • Baron Von Marlon said

        This could actually be a way that volleyball can expand a little bit, if big games are videoed and uploaded onto the net, people can begin to follow the different leagues a little more with a bit more depth and those who don’t have the chance to travel could still see what other states have to offer. It could start with this one game, but maybe, just maybe, the AVF might be able to invest in a camera that could film all the AVL games and put them all up on the website. If Devo is getting 1000+ hits a day, it shows there is some sort of volleyball following on the internet and if the national league was to have the games all uploaded, I’m sure that the word would spread like wildfire, possibly even developing some sort of following for individual teams and the league? or is that going too far? I guess now its just a matter of someone doing it. Possibly that discussion about volunteering work might bear fruit?

  8. Murph said

    I’ll do everything I can to help out with the live streaming…

    Sadly I don’t have a wireless card…Eldo is there wireless internet at Heathfield? Or do you know of anyone’s card I can borrow? Hook me with that and you can have live streaming all you want!


  9. Murph said

    Now I’ve read the above post from Eldo, I’ll see what I can put together to get this stuff on the web!

  10. Murph said

    Just had a look through…

    If we have web @ Heathfield, it’s so on…

  11. hugh29 said

    quick question: are we talking about STREAMING the match? i think we’re gonna need something with more bandwidth than a wireless card!

  12. Murph said

    Especially the kind of wireless speeds available in the Hills…

    My understanding is that it would be done from the office there, where the cameras and web are fed directly already. Will just need a log on to ustream, a quick configure and its good to go.

    • Chau said



      You can create a free account there. As long as you can stream pictures to a PC that connected to the web then you can broadcast it on

    • Robbo said

      good stuff Murph,
      it would be perfect if they have a wireless router in the office with a high speed boradband connection, then you can just hook up a laptop and go.

      What sort of camera view are we talking about here? one camera high up one end of the court?

  13. Dad said

    I just had a look at the Ustream site (nice find Jason), and there are a few things to keep in mind. It looks like you need a solid uplink of at least 512k, so if you are using the school connection, which probably has fiber should be ok. But you will need to check that the ports required for streaming are open and not blocked by the department: or if open they are not blocked upstream to the outside (ie only available on the Ed department intranet). Further it notes it is Flash based (so upgrade Flash before you start), and there is a problem with the Audio using a DV camera feed. Eldo run it past your school IT person who should know most of this.

    There is always the low- tech solution we used for the ’91 Youth Boys Tour. Break the match down into Sets, compress the hell out of them, and post them up for download on your Club websites.
    Not as NOW as streaming but you build up a resource of information. Streaming is still a bit more complicated to record at the user end, and not everyone has a fast connection.

    • Jason said

      Anything greater than 256k upstream should be fine. UStream is great because you can also record the game so people don’t necessarily need to watch the game live. Ustream does compression on the machine with flash before sending the video footage up to the cloud, so bandwidth usage shouldn’t be massive. You can also choose which quality to broadcast (lower quality, less bandwidth used).

      Wouldn’t it be great it volleyball victoria setup a camera which could record the state league games on court 1! The clubs could use this footage to review the game & spectators could use it to watch games which they couldn’t attend. Maybe just start with the state league finals this year.

      @Dad how many hits did the ’91 Youth Boys Tour videos get? Do you think people would watch volleyball video streams?

      • Robbo said

        I have spoken with a few guys in our team about setting this up before. We both thought that vvi would never do it, but i will have a chat to them anyway.

      • Dad said

        Still have not got the final figures from Paterico but we were averaging 250-300 hits per day. and 20+ downloads of 100mb approx per set per day.

        Interestingly there was a higher apparent demand for photos, which this trip I was restricted in what I could do.

        How did people find the video- could they view it ok, was the resolution ok, any download problems?

        I briefly investigated using the AIS in-situ net camera feed last year for Boys Trans-Tasman video, and Alexis was a great help, but the AIS IT guys really did not seem to keen on it, and it ended up in the too-hard basket.

        I really think live streaming or/making video of sets/matches is happening, it is only a question of when. Pretty much all US collages are doing it now for a majority of Sports.RuddNets “fiber to the home” will dramatically change our video viewing habits.

        It probably is an area we can use as a very cost effective means of showcasing our sport and building a fan base. It will certainly not hurt our door takings.

        And we have an advantage in that most of our higher level matches are at the same old venues- solve the technical and backend problems as Alexis points out, and it is easy to repeat the process.

        This is something the volleyball community can do, rather than bitch and moan about how the how the AVF/AIS/someone else but me should do it.

        A technical tip- set the camera up where it can see the scoreboard, easier for the viewers to follow, and more dramatic.

        • devo said

          Hi Dad,
          I had no worries downloading. Once I installed apple nice software, it was a good look. Cecil B DeMills it wasn’t. But it was good enough.

        • Jase said

          I’ve been watching them on my acer laptop and they all look fine, liked the score overlays as well.

          The live streaming is a great idea, but i like the idea of it being permanently up somewhere so we can go watch it again as well. The canadian college leagues did well having all the finals games up to watch free which feature commentary as well.

  14. Alexis said

    As usual, the technology to do things like this is actually the easy part (one thing to be careful of though is that HDD cameras may not be capable of streaming as they don’t have a live digital connection to the computer).

    Issues are usually the ‘backend’ when dealing with organisations (schools, government departments, etc) because of security and logistical issues. The other issues are traffic, bandwidth and storage. Someone always has to pay………..

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