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Luke treads the boards

Posted by devo on May 31, 2009

I attended State League here in Victoria to watch the top of the ladder match between Heidelberg and Falcons. It was a grinding match for 2½ sets before Falcons took over and won 3-1 to leave the 2 teams 5&1 for the season. I will certainly be attending the league each time these teams play this season. Heidelberg is sure to bounce back.

But the surprise was seeing ex-Aussie and current Aussie beach player Luke Campbell on the bench for Heidelberg. Surprised that he was there. Surprised that he was on the bench. Luke got a run once the game was over. Too late. I wonder what this is saying about Luke’s future intentions? Or was this a little fun on the side?

9 Responses to “Luke treads the boards”

  1. Robbo said

    great game it was, we meet again in the second last round in mid-August.

  2. Aussie Boy said

    From what I hear the difference between the two teams was Falcons were a team playing for each other while Heidelberg seemed to be a group of big names that lacked the spirit required.
    (edited – devo)

    • Robbo said

      Yeah our boys came together really well and did it for each other. Most of them have played together for so long that they gel so well. We’re looking forward to taking on Southern Cross next round now that Sando is back, and then it’s definitely going to be a game to watch when we take on Heidelberg again

  3. Liam Mackin said

    haha luke campbell is a great bloke, he offered us falcon’s lollies had a short chat to him when a few of us were watching yarra play renegades

  4. Luke said

    Hi Devo,
    You love a nice rumor mate, but I’m very happy with the national beach program, however will never forget my indoor roots and always will take the chance to see the next gen playing state league.
    No doubt Falcons played like a team and well done to them, they were clearly stronger on the day. But I hardly think there was a lot of “big names” on the court for Heidelburg, maybe i’m missing something!
    Nice chat with you Liam.
    Good luck to all.

  5. Bubs said

    Great game for Volleyball, to see the attraction that it generated and the crowd supported the game through every point. Well done to Falcons, better team on the day.

    This is what Volleyball needs more of, great games and rivalry. Two strong teams going toe to toe, the winner in the end being Volleyball. Attracting big names to the court is what we need locally, whether they play or not we need people like Luke and other national and Ex supporting local Volleyball…. They generate interest and talk.

    Head down and bum up for all clubs.

    Just a reminder,

  6. Rog said

    I got to say it was great to have Luke there…..just by watching him I learned a great deal about how to play the greatest position in volleyball..MB!!! It was a shame we lost that game but Falcons deserved to win…better team on the day!! Also looking forward to the SA Open….met a lot of SA players at Warnambool(Steve Irwin Allstars) and they were a great bunch of blokes!!! Looking forward to play against them again!!

  7. edbinnie said

    I have to say that the spirit amongst so many of the national team guys is fantastic – that whenever they come back to their cities they go to state league and try and get on court. I know that Paul Carroll will come down and play for whichever team his brother(s) are on, and obviously we keep hearing about it in Vic.
    I think that just shows the sort of passion that these boys have, and its fantastic for the young players coming through to get to see them in action.
    Well done to all the national team players that do these, and thanks very much!!!

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